7 Things You Should Know About “Bloody Fantasia”

Cover of "Bloody Fantasia" by Claris Lam. The font is yellow with a purple background. The background image is sheet music layered on top of each other.
Cover of “Bloody Fantasia” by Claris Lam.

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

My upcoming murder mystery novel “Bloody Fantasia” will be released on June 24th, 2024!

“Bloody Fantasia” takes place after the events of “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For.” It’s also the final book in the Harlow Mystery series, too!

I’ll be answering a few questions you might have about “Bloody Fantasia” in today’s post. Let’s get to it:

1. Do I need to read “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For” first?

Yes, I highly recommend doing so. 

For those wary of spoilers for the first two books, “Bloody Fantasia” discusses some events from “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For” respectively. Also, some characters from the past two books outside of our main cast also return in “Bloody Fantasia!”

Fortunately, if you haven’t read them yet, both books are currently on sale for 50% off and will remain on sale until the end of June 2024! 

2. Will there be new characters introduced in “Bloody Fantasia?”

Yes! Multiple characters will be introduced. Most are fairly minor, but two of them are connected to Nick, who Harlow Mystery readers met in Books 1 and 2 of the series.

Also, there will be returning characters from “Engagement To Die For!” Those who met Aria in Book 2 will see her obviously return, as well as two other minor characters. (Which two? You’ll have to read the book to find out!) 

3. Will someone die in this book?

Yes. It’s a murder mystery, so this is a given.

4. Is there any particular representation given in this series through the characters?

It’s discussed in “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For” that Aubri is bisexual and Bastian is gay. Nick is also gay, and – though I don’t explicitly discuss Aria’s sexuality in the series, Aria is a lesbian.

I figured I should bring this up since 1. It’s Pride Month and at this point I’ve seen countless posts of authors promoting their LGBTQIA+ works, and 2. Mine count among them, so why not? 

5. What formats and/or where will this book be available in?

“Bloody Fantasia,” much like the preceding books “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For,” will be available in ebook format only. I am looking into having paperback versions available in the eventual future.

As for where it’ll be available, it will be available wherever online retailers sell ebooks! This includes Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and so on. You can also request the book to be purchased through your local library if they have an e-catalogue too! 

6. When will it be released?

“Bloody Fantasia” will be available for purchase on June 24th, 2024! 

You can also preorder it RIGHT NOW! Click here for the link!

7. Will there be a spinoff or sequel series to the Harlow Mystery series?

I can’t say whether there will be any sequels or spinoffs for the Harlow Mystery series at this time.

However, I would be happy to write more for the series if I have enough interest and plot content for doing so. Unless I discuss writing any said sequels, spinoffs, or continuations of any kind in the future, however, consider the Harlow Mystery series as a completed series once “Bloody Fantasia” is released!

I hope that this post gave you some insights on “Bloody Fantasia!” 

“Bloody Fantasia” can be preordered by clicking here (or at the link I shared earlier in the post). 

Also, “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For” are both 50% off until the end of June 2024! I highly recommend taking advantage of this by purchasing both books if you haven’t done so yet. If you enjoy reading them, I hope you enjoy reading “Bloody Fantasia” too!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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