“Bloody Fantasia” Now Available For Preorder!

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

I’m happy to announce the following:

Cover of "Bloody Fantasia" by Claris Lam. The font is yellow with a purple background. The background image is sheet music layered on top of each other.

“Bloody Fantasia” is now available for preorder!

“Bloody Fantasia” officially releases on June 24th, 2024!

Here’s a quick blurb about the book below so you know what it’s about:

“Aubri thought that with everything that happened lately, things couldn’t get worse—but they do.

While helping Aria move into the prestigious music school she just got accepted into, tragedy strikes during the school’s welcoming ceremonies and whispers of a copycat killer from the school’s past are suddenly on the loose. Aubri, Aria, and their friends will have to discover the school’s past while searching for the current killer…and hope that they don’t end up being part of the school’s bloodstained history.”

You can preorder your book starting now so you can start reading it right away on the release day!


Purchase “Winner Takes All,” Book 1 in the Harlow Mystery series!

Books 1 & 2 in the Harlow Mystery series, “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For,” are 50% off!

This sale is to celebrate both “Bloody Fantasia”‘s upcoming release, the 2nd anniversary of “Winner Takes All” (Book 1), and the 1st anniversary of “Engagement To Die For” (Book 2). You can learn more about both books at this page!

“Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For” will be 50% off until the end of this month, June 30th 2024.

If you want to read the series from the beginning, here’s a great chance to do so!

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy reading! Please let your fellow murder mystery fans know about these two books on sale and “Bloody Fantasia” releasing soon as well!

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