Book Rankings: The “Bad Bachelor” series by Stefanie London

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I’m back with another book ranking post. This time, I’m ranking all the books in the “Bad Bachelor” series by Stefanie London! I reviewed all three books years ago, and it was about time that I ranked all of them. If you’re interested in reading my full reviews of each book, I have them linked in the titles of each book below!

Here are all of the rankings:

Cover of "Bad Influence" by Stefanie London.
Cover of “Bad Influence” by Stefanie London.

3. “Bad Influence” (Book 3)

I ranked this book 1.5 out of 5 stars. This was probably the worst book in the entire series, and one I won’t read again.

The heroine, Annie (the creator of the “Bad Bachelor” app) was incredibly stupid with how she handled things. This applies to both her relationship with ex and love interest of this book, Joseph, and her stalking-related situation. Joseph was more interesting to read than Annie, especially with his given backstory. When it ultimately came to their romance, the sparks did not fly well. They constantly fought, and didn’t get along well even after starting to be officially romantic together. On top of that, the main plot itself just wasn’t well-executed.

If you’re going to read this series, I honestly recommend just skipping reading this book altogether (which is easy, considering that this is the last book in the series).

Cover of "Bad Bachelor" by Stefanie London.
Cover of “Bad Bachelor” by Stefanie London.

2. “Bad Bachelor” (Book 1)

I ranked “Bad Bachelor” 3.5 out of 5 stars. I thought this book did a decent job of explaining the “Bad Bachelor” app and the consequences of this on the life of the main hero, Reed. It explores both the benefits of using the app, but also the downfalls.

I thought that Reed and Darcy’s chemistry in this book was much healthier, but it took way too long for them together. I blame this on how Darcy was characterized in this book. Every time she got attracted to Reed, she immediately shut it down with knowing he’s the worst-ranked person on that app. This made sense at first, considering that she still dealt with a broken engagement a year prior to the events of the story. However, the drama involving this dragged on too long.

Also, despite Darcy being a librarian, Darcy barely does anything library-related in this book. The author didn’t do their research about how libraries are useful in the current time (which is really bad when your book’s setting takes place during the current decade or so). However, this book was still overall much more enjoyable than the last book, hence why I ranked it above “Bad Influence.”

Cover of "Bad Reputation" by Stefanie London.
Cover of “Bad Reputation” by Stefanie London.

1. “Bad Reputation” (Book 2)

Like “Bad Bachelor,” I ranked this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I found that “Bad Reputation” was more enjoyable and memorable than the first book. The worldbuilding of both the “Bad Bachelor” app and the careers that both protagonists were involved in were both well-researched. However, I still think there could be more depth to the production both characters were involved in. I also wanted to know more of the concepts behind the production. I know it’s inspired by Wes’ willingness to strike out on his own and deviate from normal standards, but what else is there?

The chemistry between the the main leads, Wes and Remi, was better than Darcy and Reed from “Bad Bachelor.” However, it was also very slow to develop. Despite the flaws this book had, this was the best one overall, hence why I ranked it as the best of the three.

Those are all my rankings for the “Bad Bachelor” series! Did you agree with these rankings? Would you change this around? Feel free to let me know in the comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this book ranking of mine!

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