Book Rankings: The “Brigadier Station” series by Sarah Williams

Warning: This ranking contains mild spoilers for the “Brigadier Station” series by Sarah Williams.

Happy Valentines’ Day, fellow readers!

I’m sure that this Valentines’ Day may be different than what you’re used to, but I hope that you’re celebrating it safely. I figured that I’d celebrate it in my own way: Ranking an entire romance trilogy, the “Brigadier Station” series by Sarah Williams! I previously read and reviewed all three books, and with Valentines’ Day being today, I figured that it was about time I ranked all the books in this series.

If you want to read my reviews of each of these books, all you have to do is click the titles below to check them out! Here are my official rankings for all three books:

Cover of "The Sky Over Brigadier Station" by Sarah Williams.
Cover of “The Sky Over Brigadier Station” by Sarah Williams.

3. “The Sky Over Brigadier Station” (Book 2)

The romance in this book fell flat in this one, compared to the other two books in this trilogy. Given that this is a romance book, this was a total letdown in terms of romantic development. The main heroine and hero are actually quite nice people and do have their individual development, in this book (the hero more than the heroine, unfortunately), but they just lacked a lot of chemistry and got together way too fast to feel convincing for me, as a reader.

Cover of "The Legacies of Brigadier Station" by Sarah Williams.
Cover of “The Legacies of Brigadier Station” by Sarah Williams.

2. “The Legacies of Brigadier Station” (Book 3)

I appreciated Lachlan getting the chance to have, well, a second chance at romance. I like how it explored the consequences of his past behaviour through how it also affects his official love interest in this book. The conflict that both main characters went through with considering being back together, especially with a child in the mix, was also enjoyable to read. The romance in this was also better-developed than the previous book in general, too, so I had no choice but to place this above the second book.

Cover of "The Brothers of Brigadier Station" by Sarah Williams.
Cover of “The Brothers of Brigadier Station” by Sarah Williams.

1. “The Brothers of Brigadier Station” (Book 1)

It may be shocking that I ranked this book as the best of the three. However, this is why: The romance triangle was decently-written. However, it also ultimately showed me, as a reader, why Darcy and Meghan were ultimately better for each other than Lachlan and Meghan. Both brothers (Darcy and Lachlan) are almost foils of each other. This made their personalities fun to read. I also enjoyed reading Meghan as the heroine, as she had her own personality and held her own in this book.

Those are my rankings for the “Brigadier Station” series! Did you agree with my rankings? What did you think of these books? I hope all of you have a great Valentines’ Day, and feel free to comment below!

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