Book Rankings: “The Young Elites” series by Marie Lu

Hello, fellow readers and writers!  I’m back with another book ranking post!

This time I’m ranking ALL the books in “The Young Elites” series by Marie Lu! I read all three books years ago, and it’s more than about time I ranked them. If you’re curious about my full thoughts on all three books, I have each of the reviews hyperlinked in the titles below. All you have to do is click on them to check them out!

Without further ado, here are my rankings:

Cover art for "The Midnight Star" by Marie Lu.
Cover art for “The Midnight Star” by Marie Lu.

3. “The Midnight Star” (Book 3)

This was, unfortunately, the weakest book in the entire trilogy. Many of the elements in this book were not well-executed, from last-minute worldbuilding to unnecessary deaths for drama. I also thought the main protagonist got a bit out-of-character through her development in this book, especially when comparing it to the development she went through in the two books before that one.

Honestly, if you do pick up this series, I just recommend skipping reading this third book entirely. Yes, it was that bad.

Cover of "The Rose Society" by Marie Lu.
Cover of “The Rose Society” by Marie Lu.

2. “The Rose Society” (Book 2)

I remember fairly enjoying reading “The Rose Society” overall. For those who wants lovey-dovey sweet romance in this one, though, considering that Enzo and Adelina started their romance in the first book of the series, I will warn you now: Majority of the romance in this series is not sweet and lovey-dovey. This book very much shatters that expectation. There are a lot of relationships that develop in this book, but they are often angst-filled and/or abusive.

For those who aren’t as interested in the romance, they’re not a major focus of the main plot in this book, but I thought it was prominent enough that it was worth noting. It’s still enjoyable, even without wanting to focus on all the relationships this book creates.

Cover of "The Young Elites" by Marie Lu.
Cover of “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu.

1. “The Young Elites” (Book 1)

This was one of the most solid starts to a trilogy that I’ve read. I don’t often rank the first book as the best one in a series, mainly because a lot of book series I read start off just “okay” and then get better later on, but “The Young Elites” is an exception to this. Adelina and her plight captured my attention from the first page onwards, and the worldbuilding in this book was so well-done that I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Those are all of my rankings for “The Young Elites” series! Did you agree with these rankings? Would you change the order? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Book Rankings: “The Young Elites” series by Marie Lu

  1. Love me a good trilogy. Thank you for sharing and very happy about the trigger warning, not one for abusive relationships.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I felt that it was especially needed to mention for book two since it’s present enough throughout the story even though it’s not the main story overall, and I’m glad that you appreciate the heads-up.

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