Book Review: “Dear Midnight” by Zack Grey

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Cover of “Dear Midnight” by Zack Grey.

I’m back with another book review, and this time I’m reviewing the poetry collection “Dear Midnight” by Zack Grey! It’s been a while since I reviewed poetry, so I figured it was about time I picked a collection or two up to read. Here’s a summary so we know what it’s about:

Dear Midnight is a poetic love letter to the darkest moments. A hello to the moon. A break from the idea that love can only be found in the daylight.”

Okay, clearly the summary didn’t do as great of a job of describing the poetry collection as I hoped, so here’s my take on it: Dear Midnight is, in its essence, a  collection of romantic poetry, but especially focusing on the speaker’s romantic relationship, the eventual breakup, but there’s also a hope of moving on from the sadness of that breakup and falling in love with someone new, as implied in the last few poems. I found that thematically, all the poems felt like they were really putting together a story of the speaker and how they described their relationship at the start, middle, end, and what happens after the end.

Another thing I majorly enjoyed was how the author played around with not just the arrangement of words on a page, but also with the font and page colours. For example, the “midnight” section of the book had a dark page colour, while the font was white in order to emphasize the thematic darkness of the entire section. All of the poems are free verse, which I think helped allow for the overall creativity in this collection.

However, I do think a lot of the poems were rather short, and I don’t mean in terms of line length. I think there were a few poems in the middle section that could have used more expansion, or maybe be combined together to make longer poems. However, I do think the imagery used was, though simplistic at times, effective in describing the various complicated aspects of the relationship the speaker of the poem was in.

Overall, I’m rating this poetry collection 4 out of 5 stars! 

If you’re looking for some romantic poetry, or trying to get a grasp on a different perspective on heartbreak, this might be the poetry collection for you.

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