Book Review: “My Room Is A Dungeon Rest Stop, Volume 2” by Tougoku Hudou and Takoya Kiyoshi!

Warning: This book review contains spoilers for “My Room Is A Dungeon Rest Stop, Volume 2” by Tougoku Hudou and Takoya Kiyoshi. Do not read this review if you want to avoid spoilers!

I’m back with another book review, and this time I’m reviewing the manga “My Room Is A Dungeon Rest Stop, Volume 2” by Tougoku Hudou and Takoya Kiyoshi! I enjoyed reading the first one, so I’m happy to pick up the second one in this series and read it! Here’s the summary so we know what it’s about:

Cover of “My Room Is A Dungeon Rest Stop, Vol. 2” by Tougoku Hudou and Takoya Kiyoshi.


Touru has scored a super-cheap cheap apartment in Tachikawa, Tokyo―because its front door opens into a classic fantasy dungeon. But the number of roommates keeps increasing. Now a rare white slime and a sexy elf have moved in!!

As the first human to ever level up, Touru is planning a safer and easier way to grind more levels by breeding monsters, then defeating them remotely! But things get real as Touru ventures into the dungeon and saves a mage from a fiendish beast!”

Worldbuilding Development: 5 out of 5 stars

I loved how the worldbuilding answered the question about why certain people (like Ria, Deet, and Shizuku) can’t just wander out of Touru’s apartment and into the real world as is. To explain: They need to have body contact with Touru, who is part of the real world, while leaving said apartment (such as holding hands or being carried by him). Same goes for them going from the dungeon and into the apartment in the first place, much to Touru’s discovery while bringing Deet back to his apartment after saving her from a beast.

I love how the clothing and food of the real world where Touru lives in affects status perks like defense, level caps, etc. in the dungeon where Deet, Ria and Shizuku came from. I also enjoyed learning more about the slimes and how they function, as well as their general relationship with humans where they come from through Shizuku’s perspective. I’m interested in hearing more about what it means to be the Dungeon Master (DM for short) and how this will form in the plot and worldbuidling to come for the next volume, too. I think it could be very fun to read.

Character Development: 5 out of 5 stars

Plot Development: 5 out of 5 stars

Touru’s pragmatism really comes in handy in this volume. He’s smart enough to continue applying his knowledge of roleplaying games (RPGs) and to interact with not just Ria, but also when interacting with Shizuku and Deet. I also enjoyed reading Shizuku and Deet, from first meetings to getting used to the world that Touru lives in, as well as learning a bit about their backgrounds and how it shaped them. I also liked the part of the plot where Touru was able to show Deet and Shizuku bits of the real world, and I hope Touru gives Ria the same sort of tour sometime soon (maybe next volume?), since she hasn’t been outside his apartment yet. My main concern, however, is that if more people end up staying with Touru, he’s barely going to have enough room for everyone to stay in. He barely has enough room with Ria, Shizuku and Deet as is, so I wonder how rooming arrangements will go if more people end up joining them, later on.

I think the overall plotline was a little faster-paced this time, which was good, but it wasn’t too fast that one could not take time to enjoy the worldbuilding and conversations taking place between the characters. This volume gave all of the characters time to get to know each other and bond more, while learning about each other’s worlds as well.

Something I’m interested in learning more of is Deet and Ria’s history together. Some of it was elaborated on in this volume once everyone started living together, but I think there is more than what is given that I’d like to learn more about them. It’s obvious that both of them would be great as friends, and they do develop a more friendship-like bond thanks to Touru encouraging them to get along, but why would they not adventure together in the Dungeon despite its dangers? Is it solely because of their personalities clashing, or are there other reasons?

I also am interested in learning more about Shizuku. Sure, she wanted to get along with humans and learn more about them, despite the rest of her fellow slimes being against living with humans due to past history, but how will she bond with Ria and Deet in particular? I hope that is explored more, next time.

Overall, I’m rating this manga 5 out of 5 stars!

Some of the artwork is a bit “fanservicey” to be showing to a younger audience like last time, and I think that’s due to the art style in general. There also is some adult humour that isn’t appropriate for said younger audience, too, so I definitely don’t recommend this for a younger audience. However, older teenagers and/or adults will continue having a fun time reading this series, especially those with an understanding of RPGs.

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