Book Review: “The Harder It Gets” by Anthony Martinez

Cover of the poetry collection "The Harder It Gets" by Anthony Martinez
Cover of the poetry collection “The Harder It Gets” by Anthony Martinez

Happy February, everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful January and that February is just as good if not better.

This time, I’m opening up February with reviewing the poetry collection “The Harder It Gets” by Anthony Martinez! There is no fancy summary this time around, since the only ones I could find simply listed all of the poems in the collection. However, it is a collection that focuses on romance and the romantic relationship discussed ending unhappily.

Overall thoughts:

I think this collection had some good imagery, especially in the first half of the collection. All of the poems are free-verse poems, but a few of them do have rhyming happening at the end of their phrases. There were also a few other poems that had some nice experimentation with enjambment as well.

However, I felt that some of the poems could be further elaborated on, especially in the latter half. Many of the shorter poems could have been expanded with more detail. Additionally, though it is not uncommon to use the imagery that the author chose for the poems of a failing relationship, such as a passionate fire being drenched and put out by the rain of things going wrong, there was nothing that felt unique about it either.

Overall, I’m rating this poetry collection 3 out of 5 stars!

I think there is potential for this poetry collection to be better than it was in the final product, but I did enjoy reading the rhyme schemes and the imagery presented.

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