“Engagement To Die For” OFFICIALLY RELEASED!

Happy Release Day, Readers!

Cover of "Engagement To Die For" by Claris Lam
Cover of “Engagement To Die For” by Claris Lam

I’m happy to announce that my amateur sleuth murder mystery, “Engagement To Die For,” is now OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED TODAY!

Here’s a quick blurb about the book below so you know what it’s about:

“After everything Aubri went through at the resort, the last thing Aubri needs is more drama. However, meeting her previously-unknown twin sister for the first time, and attending her mother’s engagement party, results in yet another murder.

Due to the remote area of this crime, the police won’t be able to make it for a few days. Aubri realizes that she, along with her friends and her sister, must take up the mantle themselves to solve the case or risk being new victims again.”

If you’ve preordered the book, thank you in advance for your support! If you’ve been meaning to order the book and wanted to wait until today (the release date), then here is your chance to order it now!

You can learn more about “Engagement To Die For” by checking out the Harlow Mystery series page or this post I wrote about what you can expect for this novel!

Thank you in advance for your support! It means a lot to me when you spread the word to fellow murder mystery enthusiasts about this book and also support my journey by buying a copy.

If you enjoyed reading the first book, “Winner Takes All,” I hope you also enjoy reading “Engagement To Die For!” Click the link below to see all the retailers you can order a copy at! Also, feel free to ask your local library to purchase a copy for their e-catalogue as well.

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