Fanfiction recommendations of 2017!

As you all may know, I write a lot of fanfiction. However, I also read a ton as well when I’m not writing my fanfiction or working at original fiction. I thought it would be nice for you all to see a number of fanfics I found this year and really liked!

1. “Smooth Words and Hot Coffee” by angel1876

I found this fanfic on Archive of Our Own, and it takes place post-Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, starring none other than the coffee-drinking prosecutor Godot!

In this fanfic, the ex-prosecutor Godot is out of prison, and he needs to find employment. He does find a job…by becoming a phone sex operator. Hilarity ensues. This fic is rated mature, and it’s definitely justifiably rated as NSFW (not-safe-for work) given that there are a couple chapters with phone sex scenes in them, but I also think Godot’s characterization in this fic was pretty spot-on as he learned to cope with his new situation, including reconnecting with various people from his past.

The fic also develops a romantic ship between Godot and Viola Cadervini starting about halfway through. It wasn’t a ship I expected, but the author really made the chemistry work between them, and I love it when fanfics like this make unexpected pairings really work well.

2. “Warmth,” by kabukikimono

I found this fanfic on, though it’s also on Archive of Our Own. It’s a Bravely Default fanfic starring Ringabel and Edea, and what essentially happens is that the two are snowed in a cabin together. The characterization of Ringabel and Edea are quite spot-on in this fanfic, both individually and when they interact together. This fanfic is not yet complete, and there are about three chapters so far. I’m interested in seeing how it will go and I intend to continue reading it. A quick warning, though—the fic is starting to get increasingly NSFW as of Chapter 3, and I have a feeling it might just keep going from there, so this is just a heads-up in case.

3. “How Edea Got Her Groove Back” by TheStockholmEffect

This is a fanfic taking place post-Bravely Default, starring Edea Lee, and I found it on! It definitely goes canon-divergent after Bravely Default, so you don’t have to play Bravely Second to read this. This can be convenient for those who haven’t played Bravely Second yet, and it’s definitely an interesting take on what happens post-Default.

In this fic, Edea is trying to cope with a lot—she’s been tasked with securing peace among all nations of Luxendarc, as her father Braev wants to create a United Nations of Luxendarc, and on top of that Edea has to figure out…Alternis Dim, whose relations with her aren’t in the best place given everything that happened in the first loop of Bravely Default. I really enjoyed the plot of this, as well as Edea’s interactions with everyone. I can sense Edea’s growth in her learning about the plight of other nations, realizing exactly how bad the aftermath of the Duchy’s actions on the nations has and the fic also covers a variety of subjects such as a large discourse around rape during the Florem arc, as well as the trust issues Edea has to work out with not just Alternis, but a lot of other characters throughout the fanfic including past allies and foes. Like “Warmth,” this fanfic is not yet complete but the chapters already posted are interesting to read.

4. “To Be Miss Leading” by Honore with Shurpuff

I know I’m speaking about a lot of Edea-centric fanfics for Bravely Default fanfics, but I can’t help but point out this one as one of my favourites, and I also found it on! It takes place post-Bravely Second, so there are some spoilers, and it stars both Edea Lee and Alternis Dim as Edea flubs her way through being the Grand Marshal of Eternia! Things especially get heated when everyone comes to Edea wanting to get the same thing…and naturally, hilarity can’t help but ensue. The characterization of everyone featured in the fic was pretty spot-on, and there are especially funny interactions between Alternis and Edea in this one.

5. “actual vampire damien bloodmarch” by worry

I admit I haven’t actually played the game “Dream Daddy” before, but it’s hard not to notice the plethora of fanfics for the game, especially on Archive of Our Own where I found this fic!

This particular fanfic stars Robert Small and Damien Bloodmarch…in which Robert is convinced that Damien is a vampire. Hilarity ensues, and despite the fact that Damien is canonically a vegetarian and probably wouldn’t have eaten or cooked steak, it’s still a rather fun read.

6. “Made With Love” by barghest

Like the previous fic, this one is also a “Dream Daddy” fanfic, and I found it on Archive of Our Own! As I noted in point five, I don’t really know this game too well but it was hard not to notice the plethora of fanfics for it.

This particular fanfic stars Robert Small, Damien Bloodmarch, and Mary Christiansen, and this was so cute to read. Robert invited Damien to his place for dinner, but…he doesn’t really know any vegetarian dishes to cook for his date. Cue Robert running to Mary for help! I loved the interactions written between all three characters (more particularly focusing on Robert and Mary because that made up about half the fanfic), and if you’re looking for a really cute, fluffy fic, you’ll want to read this.

What were your favourite fanfics to read this year? Let me know in the comments! Perhaps I’ll try reading them myself if I’m interested!

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