Fanfiction lingo that you may encounter

Remember how I mentioned in my last post about fanfiction very briefly about pairings? I just realized only now that there is a whole bunch of fanfiction lingo besides pairings that you may not be familiar with, so I’ll do my best to explain at least a couple of them.

PersonAxPersonB: If there is an ‘x’ between two character’s names, that means that they are being paired together.

Slash/yaoi/shonen-ai:  If you see this, this basically means the fanfic contains homosexual male pairings.

Femslash/yuri,shoujo-ai: If you see this, the fanfic will contain lesbian female pairings.

Lemon/lime: Sexual content—Lime is usually less explicit than a lemon, however.

OOC: Out Of Character

IC: In Character

AU: Alternate Universe

A/N: Author’s Note

Mary Sue/Gary Stu/Marty Stu: An extremely unrealistic or unstable character

OC: Original Character

Oneshot/One-shot: A one-chapter fanfiction.

Two-shot: Two chapter fanfiction.

Three-shot: Three-chapter fanfiction!

Multi-chapter: Multiple-chapter fanfiction!

These are only a few out of numerous fanfiction lingo you’re going to find out there when looking for fanfiction to read, so I hope this helped give you some understanding of just a few of the words often tossed around in fanfiction!

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