Fanfiction Recommendations of 2020!

As all of you probably know from following me, I write fanfiction. Given the circumstances of this year, it’s also not a surprise that I’ve read a lot of fanfiction, too! Like the past three years, I’m back with another fanfiction recommendation post!

This time, I have eight fanfics to recommend. They are all from varying fandoms, and I hope you find at least one fanfic you might enjoy reading. Here we go with the list!

1. “New Americana” by Fyrelass

For those that love playing the farming game “Stardew Valley” and the concept of ‘found family,’ I highly recommend reading this fic. What happens is that the farmer (a.k.a the main character) ends up expanding her house, but she soon finds herself also letting her fellow neighbours stay over/become housemates due to various situations in their lives that they need to either get away from for their personal safety, or because they want to try bigger and better things. I loved the depiction of all the main characters in this fic. Again, this whole fic is just a really nice example of the ‘found family’ concept. It’s hard for me to say what I liked about it without major spoilers, so I just recommend reading it.

2. “Sub Rosa” by Damecles

For those that love the game “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” especially the characters Edelgard and Hubert (and especially those that ship the two together romantically), this is definitely a fic for you! Basically, Edelgard needs to get married. And she does…to Hubert.

I enjoyed reading the dynamics between both characters in this fic, as well as how they handled the whole ‘marrying each other for convenience’ situation. The way the author wrote this fic made me think that this could have happened in canon, and it’s just endearing to read.

3. “Coffee Dad and His Kids” by AsinineK9

For those that heard of or played the visual novel game “Hustle Cat,” this will be a sweet fanfic for you to read! It’s a short fic in Graves’ point of view, taking place after the main events of the game. I really enjoyed seeing how Graves saw the others in this fic as a sort of second family, and I love the bonds that the author showed between everyone and how they are, in an odd way, a family to each other. However, given that this fic does take place after the game’s main events, there are some major spoilers. If you haven’t played the game yet, I suggest completing at least one route in the game before reading this one.

4. “Fry, Fry Again” by SaraJaye

This fanfic from the “Rune Factory 4” fandom is about Frey teaching Vishnal how to be a better cook. Shenanigans ensue, as Vishnal’s one weakness as a butler is his horrible cooking skills in general. I enjoyed reading the chaos that ensued because of Vishnal’s poor cooking, but I also enjoyed reading Vishnal and Frey’s interactions in this fic with each other, as well as their chemistry. It felt very true to themselves as individual characters, as well as their overall relationship.

5. “A madeleine is a Madeline is a madeleine” by moemachina

For fans of the show “The Good Place,” this may be the fanfic you want to read! For those new to the show, I recommend watching up to at least the end of Season 1 first before reading this fic, as there are some spoilers discussed. This fic does a fabulous job of capturing the chaos that happens in The Good Place itself, as well as Chidi and Eleanor’s characters and how they interact with each other throughout it all. It’s definitely a must-read if you enjoyed watching the show!

6. “Faith Lost (Faith Found)” by MaidenM

This yet another “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” fanfic featuring the characters Ferdinand Von Aegir and Hubert Von Vestra, taking place after Azure Moon path in the game. I won’t give away any spoilers here for those who haven’t played the game (and I do recommend watching a playthrough of the Azure Moon route or playing it before reading this fic to avoid spoilers). However, this was a nicely-executed ‘what-if-this-character-survives’ type of fic, and I thought that the fic did a good job of capturing both characters’ personalities and how they might react after the battles are over.

7. “Two Thrones” by GreyLiliy

This is a fanfic for “Paper Mario: The Origami King!” This features the characters King Olly and Olivia. It’s short, focusing on how Olly (major spoiler alert!) created Olivia (spoiler alert ended), but I think this fic does an amazing job showing off their characters and how different they are from each other, despite being living origami. I definitely recommend giving this a read, but it does contain some spoilers, so watch a playthrough of the game or actually play the game before you read this one, for better understanding of the story.

8. “Coming To Light” by kanashimibeast

For those that played “Pokemon: Sword & Shield” and also enjoying reading Leon and Raihan in a romantic sense, this is for you! In this fic, Raihan and Leon are already in an established relationship, as this is the fourth fic in a series of fics. However, you don’t need to read the previous fics to read this one, though you can if you want to understand some background context. I thought this fic did a great job of capturing Raihan and Leon’s characters, all of the other characters such as the gym leaders, Rose, Sonia, Oleana and Hop. I also enjoy how the author managed to place this event during the finals of the Gym Challenge so seamlessly that it feels like it could happen in canon. Even without knowing the game’s main story, I think one could still read the fic and enjoy it as is. 

Those are all of the recommended fanfics that I read during 2020! I hope that all of you enjoy reading these fics as much as I did.

Is there a fanfic that you read during this past year that you enjoyed and might recommend? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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