Fanfiction Recommendations Of 2021!

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Today’s post is focuses on Fanfiction Recommendations. For those that haven’t read my past related posts (from 2017 all the way to last year’s post), what I usually do for this is list a couple of fanfics that I personally read and recommend to any fanfiction enthusiasts and readers. This time, I have five fanfics that I want to recommend. All of them are from completely different fandoms, so I hope you find something that you enjoy reading!

1. “Birds Of A Feather” by tirsynni

As someone who dove back into the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fandom in both writing fanfiction and reading it this year, especially with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity being released late last year, it was inevitable that I’d recommend a fic from the world of Breath of the Wild. This one stars Revail and Link, and it’s hilarious. It captures Revali’s point of view really well, as well as specific elements of the game itself, like how the ability Mipha’s Grace revives Link when he initially loses his hearts. Even if you aren’t interested in Revali and Link as a pairing in this fic, it’s light on the shipping content enough that you could still enjoy reading it overall.

2. “A Toast to Times Lost” by TheMockingJ3

This fanfic takes place after the events of the game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Though it’s a short oneshot, it focuses on Katia and her whole reunited family, including Anton who has a lot to catch up with, in the modern-day, and Katia just trying to get to know her Uncle Beluga and cousin Sammy Thunder. It obviously contains major spoilers for the game, so I recommend you watch a playthrough or play the actual game before reading this short fic, but I felt that it captured all of their characters nicely.

3. “money, honey, be on ne-on” by RoseOfATHeNs

Considering that this is year is none other than the game The Last Story’s tenth anniversary, and also considering that I write frequently for this fandom, I gladly recommend RoseOfATHeNs’s fics, especially this one. This fic focuses on the characters Syrenne and Lowell, as well as the chemistry and tension that they share with each other. I thought the author did a wonderful job with capturing Syrenne’s backstory and characterization as well as Lowell’s and how it affects their interactions with each other. It felt like a missing scene from the game itself.

4. The Black Eagle Gentlemen’s Jolly Patricidal Road Trip by Arvanion

I still continued reading Fire Emblem: Three Houses fanfics this year, and yes, this fanfic contains murder as mentioned in the title (though it’s mainly discussed than shown). This has major spoilers for the Black Eagles’ route, but also touches on some of the DLC-related material with Yuri being involved. However, it is extremely hilarious to read, even if it does involve characters going around and murdering people in it.

5. Duelist Kingdom: Remasterized by NaTak 

I took a brief dive into reading Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics during this year and found this fun gem of a read. Fans of Maximillion Pegasus (also known as Pegasus J. Crawford depending on the adaptation) will enjoy reading this since it focuses on Pegasus starting a second edition of his Duelist Kingdom tournament…and chaos obviously ensues. I thought the writer captured Pegasus’ character well but also did a great job of capturing the characterizations of everyone else featured in the fic as well!


Those are all of my fanfiction recommendations for this year! Have you read any of these fics before? Are there any that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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