Fanfiction Recommendations Of 2023

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Many of you that followed me for a while know that I read and write fanfiction. Granted, I started focusing much less on fanfiction and more on original works since May 2023 this year, but I still read lots of fanfiction. Much like the previous recommendation posts, I wanted to recommend five fanfics that I enjoyed reading this year!

The following fanfics I recommend, in no particular order, are:

1. “A Night You’ll Never Forget” by MaudMoon (Idle_Wanderings)

This is a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fanfic featuring a wedding party in Las Vegas gone terribly wrong. The morning of Gumshoe and Maggey’s wedding, chaos ensues. Larry ends up mysteriously injured, Edgeworth’s credit cards aren’t working, and Phoenix wakes up with a wedding ring!? What happened, and will everyone make it to the wedding on time?

Reading the characters figure out what exactly happened to everyone was incredibly fun. I felt like this could actually be a canon side story because of how well it was written. For those who are fans of the Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth pairing, you’ll also enjoy reading this as well since it’s a sideplot to the main story in this fic.

2. “Arabica-dabra!” by tinylightning

This is a Fire Emblem: Three Houses fanfic featuring Ferdinand and Hubert. It’s a Modern Alternate Universe fic where Ferdinand takes care of a black cat he found and names it Arabica (after the coffee of the same name)…only to find out that it’s actually Hubert who was cursed to become one. I thought this fic was a fun take on the cursed-transformation type of plotline, and I enjoyed reading both characters and their developing relationship.

3. “The Library Car” by fallingthru

This is a Sonic The Hedgehog fanfic. However, it specifically takes place during the events of the game The Murder Of Sonic The Hedgehog. I genuinely enjoyed the game, so I was thrilled that fanfics for this game even existed (especially since it’s a free April Fool’s game as is). Coming across this one was a great surprise, and helped act as an extra scene during the events of the game.

4. “love undivided” by vinndetta 

This is a The Last Story fanfic which features two of the mercenaries, Yurick and Mirania. It follows both of them bonding a bit in short scenes. It kind-of follows the events of the game but not too closely, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers for the game by reading this.

As someone who adores The Last Story a lot and wrote numerous fanfics for this fandom, I really enjoyed reading this fic. It does a great job of capturing Yurick’s anti-social personality and Mirania’s general Team Mom tendencies to look out for everyone.

5. “Our Greatest Treasure” by Darth Mario

This is a Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet fanfic with a twist: Instead of the player character working with the supporting characters on their individual paths in the game, everyone decides to travel together. This means that the player character, Arven, Penny, and Nemona all stick together for the entirety of the game’s events. Chaos ensues.

This fanfic isn’t complete yet (and I noticed a ‘reboot coming soon’ tacked onto the title at the time of writing this post), but I think this is a super fun take on the game. I enjoyed reading everyone’s characters, the way the author characterized the player character, and their growing bonds and interactions with each other. I look forward to reading more of it, too, since it’s still an ongoing fanfic!

These are all my Top 5 fanfics of 2023! Do you have any fanfics that you enjoyed reading this year? Let me know!

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