Listen to the Music: Why I like listening to music while writing

Some writers need to have the right atmosphere when writing. I’ve heard of past writers putting rotten apples in their desk and the scent of said apples would motivate them to write, or that another writer might lock him or herself up in their own room and write in silence.

What do I do to make myself motivated to write? I listen to music while writing.

I can see why people don’t want to listen to music when writing. It might distract them from their own thoughts about the piece they are writing, make them lose focus on writing their piece, or it might be better for them to write in silence rather than be surrounded by all the noise.

Personally, though, I like writing while listening to music. Here are some reasons for why I like doing this.

1. Writing in silence freaks me out. 

Whenever it’s completely silent where I’m writing, I get anxious and I can’t help but wonder “What if there’s a sudden noise?” I’m not good with sudden noises coming straight out of silence, so I just make sure I have the music playing when I’m writing so that I’m already used to listening to sounds around me. With this, I don’t have to worry about someone else in the next room going and starting to make noise because I’ll already be used to the noise by then, and therefore shrug it off and keep writing.

2. Inspiration! 

I can find a lot of inspiration simply by listening to the music playing on the radio or from searching it up on Youtube. There is a lot great instrumental/pop/k-pop/electronic/etc. music that you can find if you search on Youtube and other websites, and sometimes you can find a song or two that give you inspiration to put in this kind of character in a story, or make up a new plotline, or help you come up with ideas. Music has heavily influenced the ideas I have for my fanfiction, and helped me get inspiration for any original fiction I’ve written also.


Whenever I don’t feel too motivated to write, I try listening to some music that helped me be inspired for the writing piece I was working on. It really helps, because then it gives me a refresher on what my idea was for my writing piece in the first place, and then I can brainstorm from there and get to a point where I know what exactly I want to write.

I hope you at least try out listening to music while writing. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t, but it never hurts to try.

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