My Tanka Poem, “Crocuses,” Is In The Spotlight For World Poetry Day!

purple flowers

I am incredibly honored to announce that I am one of five artists featured in Create Waterloo’s World Poetry Day event!

For those unaware, Create Waterloo is the City of Waterloo’s Arts & Culture team. As part of Create Waterloo’s event celebrating World Poetry Day during March 21st-25th this year, my tanka poem “Crocuses” will be on display for everyone to see on their social media and on Create Waterloo’s website!

My poem will be displayed sometime during March 21st-25th on their social media and website. Create Waterloo also interviewed me for an Artist Spotlight video. In the video, I was interviewed about “Crocuses,” the process behind writing it, and other aspects of my writing life! I highly encourage you to check out the other featured artists’ works as well! 

Thank you again to Create Waterloo for working with me, and for displaying my poem during their World Poetry Day event! It means a lot to me to have my work shared with others, and I look forward to having more of these opportunities in the future. 

Create Waterloo’s Socia Media Handles:

Facebook – Create Waterloo
Instagram – @create_waterloo
Twitter – @CreateWaterloo

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