November 2023 Writing Update

Hello, readers, and Happy November!

It’s now November, and that time of year means that we’re in the last month of fall/autumn weather! I hope all of you had, or will have,  the opportunity to just enjoy the fall festivities and read some good books. I have several things to discuss in today’s post, so let’s get to it:

Interview With Night Beats!

Cover of "Winner Takes All: A Harlow Mystery" by Claris Lam
Cover of “Winner Takes All” by Claris Lam

Early last month, I had a lovely interview with Night Beats discussing my first book, “Winner Takes All,” and gave a few tips for becoming a better writer! Huge THANK YOU to Night Beats for this opportunity!

Book Reviews:

I posted three book reviews last month:

Book reviews will continue to be posted this month!


I scaled back writing and posting fanfiction for this year’s second half. This is both due to AI-scraping-related concerns that I talked about in past monthly writing progress posts and also because I wanted to focus developing more original fiction and poetry.

However, I’m happy to share that I will be posting a fanfic this month – “The Duchy Of Eternia And The Grantz Empire Play Among Us,” a Bravely Default/Second fanfic! This is meant to be the tentative finale to the series of Bravely Default/Second fanfics where all the characters play a game of “Among Us.”

This fic will be posted on November 13th, 2023. I hope all of you enjoy reading it!

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Original Fiction & Poetry:

Given that it’s November, there might be some of you wondering if I will participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve participated in it before as well as Camp NaNoWriMo (which occurs in April and July).

I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. As I mentioned in past newsletters and writing progress posts, I had burnout-related issues earlier this year. My concern is that participating in NaNoWriMo or similar events might not be helpful for me right now. Participating in NaNo could also make the situation worse, since it could encourage me to work at a less sustainable pace than necessary. I hope to possibly participate next year. In the meantime, I wish good luck to everyone who is participating this year!

Meanwhile, I’m almost done editing both my fantasy kidlit book and my amateur sleuth murder mystery book “Bloody Fantasia!” I’ll be doing at least one more round of proofreading and editing both books before I say the contents of both books are actually 100% complete.

This will also be the last time I discuss both these books in writing progress posts and my newsletters until I’ve made significant progress with them. At this point, I’m just sorting out little details or managing aspects of the books not related to writing the content (like figuring out marketing material, book covers and illustrations, and formatting the books for eventual publication).

In the meantime, I’m practicing more freewriting this month. I also want to focus on submitting more poetry and short fiction to literary magazines and contests for potential publication. I think this will be a good breather of sorts from working on novels but still keep the writing practice going on.

Thanks For Following My Writing Journey!

I hope you look forward to checking out more of my work! I appreciate all the support.

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