October 2023 Writing Update

Happy October, everyone!

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As you may have noticed, my last monthly post was in August and I skipped writing a monthly writing update post for September. The lack of a September monthly writing update post is for two reasons:

Firstly, I spent the last week of August on vacation. It was really nice to have that time off, and much-needed. Why? Well…

That brings me to my second reason, which is that I suffered from writing burnout in early August. I worked on so many projects at once, from my kidlit fantasy novel and my third and final book in the Harlow Mystery series to trying to finish the draft of the cozy farming sim-inspired novel. I was also trying to write and submit poetry and short stories to lit mags, too. Add all of these things on top of each other and it was a recipe for burnout that I should’ve realized sooner.

Because of the burnout, I got much less writing done in August than I hoped to do. It also forced me to re-examine what projects I really should focus on along with which ones I am capable of doing all at once without burning out. This heavily impacted how much attention I gave to which projects, which I’ll discuss more in a later section of this update.

In addition to the burnout and vacation, I honestly needed a break from constantly writing update posts at the time. I didn’t have much to share from August going into September as is because of the burnout. I decoded that it was best to shelve writing a monthly update post until this month (October).

It’s been challenging for me to figure out the ideal frequency of writing update posts and other aspects of my writing journey this year that can still be consistent enough without burning myself out. However, I hope to continue providing monthly writing update posts until the end of the year (December 2023)!

Social Media Update:

For those that missed the announcement on my other socials or my past newsletters, I’m happy to announce that I now have a Bluesky account! You can follow me through this link: https://bsky.app/profile/clarislamauthor.bsky.social

I also announced last month that I will no longer be active on my Twitter account starting September 28th, 2023.  If you’re following me on Twitter, I highly suggest that you either follow my newsletter or one of my other socials, whether it be on Bluesky or any of my other links in this Carrd, to keep up with future updates. Alternatively, subscribe to my newsletter, where the most consistent updates will be!

Book Reviews:

Here’s a quick list of all the book reviews I posted during August and September:

Book reviews will continue to be posted bi-weekly this month!

Original Fiction & Poetry:

During August, I had a poem published with INKspire! I’m grateful that this happened, and I really am happy to see more of my work being published.

As for actual writing, I submitted a few poems to literary magazines in hopes of publication. I also tried to write more of the farming-sim-inspired novel with the goal to finish drafting it by the end of the month.

After the burnout occurred, I took some time off from writing and also decided that I’m not going to work on so many projects at once. I specifically focused on “Bloody Fantasia” and edited it, before seeking beta readers to read through this version and leave their feedback.

During September, I also found beta readers for my kidlit fantasy book to read through it and leave their feedback! They all finished giving me feedback a week early, giving me the opportunity to read through edits before October began.

I also took time during this month to write some new poems and submit more poems to literary magazines. I also finished drafting my farming sim-inspired novel. However, I’m putting this novel back on hiatus due to focusing on other projects for October.

Going into October, I’ll be editing both “Bloody Fantasia” and the kidlit fantasy book based on feedback from my beta readers. I hope to finish edits for at least one of those books by the end of the month. Also, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the beta readers for both books! Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

As a stretch-goal for what I want to accomplish writing-wise, writing some new poems would be great! I’ve wrote some new poems since mid-September, so writing even more would be nice. I found that it’s easier for me to work on shorter projects or pieces while waiting on progress for larger ones (example: waiting for beta readers to finish reading and leaving feedback). That way, I’m still working on something but not making myself write too many large works at once.

Another stretch-goal (if I finish editing both “Bloody Fantasia” and the kidlit fantasy book that is) is reading through and editing another drafted book of mine. I’m not sure which novel I’d focus on if I do finish editing the other two books first, but we’ll see if editing for both books even gets done this month first.

Thank you for supporting my writing journey!

I hope you look forward to seeing more updates from me in my newsletter and/or monthly writing progress posts like this one. I also hope you enjoy reading more of my work as well!

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