Summer 2022 Writing Update: A Published Novel And Many Fanfics To Come!

Hello, fellow readers and writers! Today I thought I’d take some time to recap some of the major events that have occurred in my writing journey so far during the past month, along with an update of what to expect for the upcoming summer from me.

“Winner Takes All” is now published!

Cover of "Winner Takes All: A Harlow Mystery" by Claris Lam
Cover of “Winner Takes All: A Harlow Mystery” by Claris Lam

As you all may know, my murder mystery novel “Winner Takes All” was published on June 14th! Thank you so much to everyone who has spread the word about this mystery, as well as those that purchased a copy. There are more original novels of mine that I am currently writing up, so I hope you enjoyed reading this first novel and look forward to reading more!

The Lost Tumblr Account Connundrum:

Back on June 3rd, I suddenly lost my Tumblr account with absolutely no explanation or warning given.

After emailing Tumblr Support twice, however, I finally got it back on June 7th! If you want to follow my Tumblr, you can now do so if you haven’t already!

Book Reviews:

Book reviews will continue to be uploaded weekly on Mondays on this site during this summer. However, I’ll be taking a break from uploading new reviews during the latter half of August 2022 (from August 16th to the end of August). This is just so I can give myself some time off from regular uploads to enjoy the summer and focus more on writing original fiction. New book reviews will resume on September 6th, 2022.

Fanfiction Writing:

“Avoiding His Doom,” my The Last Story fanfic, will have its final chapters posted on June 20th and June 27th. Thank you to everyone that has read this fanfic and offered up support! I hope all of you enjoy reading the final chapters when they come.

I have scheduled new fanfics and updates to be posted for July and August, and this includes updating “Moments In Time,” an Escape The Night fanfic! I previously put “Moments In Time” on hiatus back in late 2020, and I’m pleased to announce that I am bringing it back out of hiatus to upload the final six chapters.

I hope all of you enjoy reading the last chapters of this fanfic along with the new fanfic oneshots! I currently have them scheduled to be posted as follows:

July 9th & 16th: Standalone oneshots for The Last Story fandom

July 23rd: Chapter 19 of “Moments In Time”

July 30th: Chapter 20 of “Moments In Time”

August 6th: Chapter 21 of “Moments In Time”

August 13th: Chapter 22 of “Moments In Time”

August 20th: Chapter 23 of “Moments In Time”

August 27th: Chapter 24/Finale of “Moments In Time”

Week of August 28th-Sept. 3rd: No fanfic post this week! Taking a break.

September 5th: A standalone My Next Life As A Villainess oneshot

I will also update the Current Posting Schedule page to reflect these changes. I hope you look forward to reading these new works and chapters!

Original Fiction Writing:

Due to my recent work of publishing and promoting “Winner Takes All” during this past May and June, I haven’t had much time to focus on writing other works. This is especially the case in lacking writing and submitting short stories and poetry to lit mags and contests. I hope to use July and August to get back into more regularly writing, editing, and submitting these pieces to literary magazines and contests.

I also will continue writing Books 2 and 3 of the Harlow Mystery trilogy, as both books need further edits/revisions and formatting work before they are ready for publication. If you enjoyed reading the first book “Winner Takes All,” I hope you look forward to hearing more about the next two books in the trilogy!

Thank you so much for supporting me on my writing journey. I hope you look forward to reading new work from me as much as I enjoy writing it.

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