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I’m back with a new Book Tag, and this time I’m participating in the “ANTI-TBR” Book Tag! TBR means “To be read,” for those that don’t know. I found this tag on jessethereader’s Youtube channel (click here to watch the video!) and the video where the tag originally came from is here. It’s been a while since I participated in a book tag, and I thought this would be fun to try out. Here are my answers to each of the tag’s questions!

1. A popular book EVERYONE loves that you have no interest in reading?

Cover of "A Game Of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin.
Cover of “A Game Of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin.

The entire Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin.

I know this might shock a lot of people reading this, but I just don’t have a huge interest in reading this series, or even checking out the TV series that’s somewhat based off the books.

2. A classic book (or author) you don’t have an interest in reading?

Cover of Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina."
Cover of Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina.”

Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina.”

I’ve heard of this classic book, but I never was interested in reading it. As of currently, I’m still not interested in reading it.

3. An author whose books you have no interest in reading?

Cassandra Clare.

Like Game of Thrones, I just never got into reading the entire Shadowhunter series when it was first published (which, at this point, contains a ton of books and, if I’m not mistaken, is the bulk of Cassandra Clare’s published novels). I don’t think I ever will. I just never had any interest in it whatsoever.

3.2 A problematic author whose books you have no interest in reading?

I am not going to name names here, but there is one author I will never read for the following reason: About three years ago, there were one or two books by this particular author that I thought about posting reviews for, on this site. I already read the books and wrote the reviews, but I hadn’t posted the reviews yet. While working on these reviews, however, I soon found out rumors (which, to my horror, were actually true) of the author openly insulting the reviews and the authors of said reviews just because said reviewers didn’t enjoy the book. Upon discovering this, I decided it was best that I never published these reviews on this site, and also never read books by that author ever again. As someone who’s working on several novels and writing fanfiction for the past couple of years, I can understand that bad reviews aren’t fun to find. No one likes bad reviews. However, I don’t think openly lashing out at the reviewers will make anything better.

4. An author you have read a couple of books from & have decided their books are not for you?

Cover of "The Cruel Prince" by Holly Black.
Cover of “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black.

Holly Black.

Need I say more? Okay, I probably should explain: I’ve reviewed a whole trilogy of her books before. However, I had neutral and/or strong dislike for reviewing all of those books. Because of these bad experiences, I’m probably not going to pick up a book by this author again. At least, not for a while.

5. A genre you have no interest in OR a genre you tried to get into & couldn’t?

Historical Fiction.

I get bored easily by reading straight-up historical fiction. Historical romances are even less engaging for me to read, compared to other romance books. There are exceptions to this, like historical fantasy books like the supernatural/western novel “The Six-Gun Tarot” by R.S. Belcher, and “Ticker” by Lisa Mantchev, which is steampunk fiction. However, I otherwise find it difficult to get into reading historical fiction if it doesn’t have a fantasy and/or steampunk edge to them.

6. A book you have bought but will never read? (this can be a book you have unhauled/returned to the library unread)

“Pulse Point” by Colleen Nelson and Nancy Chappell-Pollack.

I remember picking up this book at the library, interested in the concept, but I never actually ended up reading it and returned it to the library untouched.

7. A series you have no interest in reading OR a series you started & have dnf’d?

Cover of the first book in the Great Library series, "Ink And Bone," by Rachel Caine.
Cover of the first book in the Great Library series, “Ink And Bone,” by Rachel Caine.

“The Great Library” series by Rachel Caine.

This answers the “series I started and have DNF’d” part of the question, to clarify. I was interested in the first book, but then I just got disappointed while reading the second book. By the time I reviewed the third book, “Ash & Quill,” I got fed up with the series at that point and decided, a few months after completing that review, to drop the series entirely.

8. A new release you have no interest in reading?

Cover of "Damsel" by Elena K. Arnold.
Cover of “Damsel” by Elena K. Arnold.

“Damsel” by Elena K. Arnold.

For those of you that haven’t read my book reviews before, I dislike reading abusive romances (especially if they’re glorified). I already heard that this book contains a major amount of abusive romance, from emotional abuse to physical and even sexual abuse. Not only that, but apparently all of it is graphically described (and explicitly so). I won’t be picking up this book for those reasons. I understand that this book deliberately touches on those topics and also apparently doesn’t glorify said abusive romance, which is good. I’m just too uncomfortable with the overall concept of the book, let alone the graphic abuse contained within it, to pick this one up.

Those are all of my answers for the “ANTI-TBR” Book Tag! I hope all of you enjoyed reading my answers to this interesting Book Tag. Do you have any books that you won’t be reading? Which ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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