Book Review: “The Firemage’s Vengeance” by Garrett Robinson

Warning: If you have not read “The Firemage’s Vengeance” by Garrett Robinson, don’t read this review unless you want spoilers!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful first month of 2019! I’m back with another book review and this time it’s “The Firemage’s Vengeance” by Garrett Robinson! This book follows up on “The Mindmage’s Wrath,” and is the third in the ‘Alchemist’ series.

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“The Academy is in mourning after students and instructors alike have been murdered in its halls, but the killer is now far away across the nine kingdoms—or so they believe.

When Ebon learns of a new threat within the Academy, he and his friends must work quickly to stop it—for if anyone knows the terrible secret they conceal, they could all be put to death.

As the school’s danger looms, and Ebon faces increasing suspicion from the new Dean, he must infiltrate the family Yerrin and learn a dark truth if he hopes to survive.”

Plot Development: 5 out of 5 stars

Character Development: 5 out of 5 stars

Plotwise, I definitely didn’t expect certain plot twists, like Astrea getting so deeply involved in the main plot and Isra faking her own corpse so she could keep doing what she did. However, I never got too entirely lost on the twists, nor did I think they were completely random.

Xain got a major amount of spotlight in this book, and I’m not surprised at how desperate he went to try to find out where the heck his son is and going to the point of suspecting our three protagonists. To be fair, it kind of was Ebon’s fault that Xain’s son Erin got captured. Thankfully, Erin’s alive and safe by the end and now that Xain realizes the truth behind the whole situation, Xain is willing to work with Ebon—a partnership I’m seriously looking forward to in later books. Given that Xain and Ebon have been more on the distrusting side up until now, it’ll be cool to see how they clash and compliment each other when working together.

As for Adara, I’m so glad to see further development of herself individually, showing a lot more of her intelligence and how she uses her own connections to her advantage to help Ebon and the others. I’m really starting to like the amount of development she’s getting, and I look forward to reading more of her. Her relationship with Ebon is also blossoming further, which I enjoy, and has gotten much better since the first book in the series. Theren and Kalem were also interesting to read when they got into more moral-related issues, such as using mindwyrd on one of the Instructors to get more information on the Academy Killer for example.

Mako got a considerable amount of spotlight in this volume, and I actually really liked his development. It’s clear he has his loyalties to Halab specifically out of everyone in Ebon’s family, and doesn’t really like working for anyone else but her given his horrid treatment of Ebon for most of this book. However, it’s clear that though he’s a total jerk, he also means good intentions for Ebon and his family’s safety, even if it’s only to do it because Halab told him to, and it’s going to be interesting to see more of where his loyalties lie and whether those shift or change majorly in later books.

Speaking of Halab…it’s fair to say that she mainly appears in the Epilogue, if anywhere in this book. However, it’s clear from this that there’s more to her than her benevolence and care for Ebon, given what happens. I won’t give any more spoilers beyond this for her in this review, but I have a feeling she’ll play a more prominent part in later books.

Romance Development: 5 out of 5 stars

Out of all the romantic relationships in this book, I do think Lilith and Theren’s relationship was a little fast but overall interesting to read. Granted, we know since last book that the two used to be lovers, and the events in the book make it clear they both still care for each other (to the point of a kiss).It’ll be interesting to see if we’ll read more on their relationship in later books, if they’ll ever officially get back together or if they’ll stay apart.

Overall, I’m rating this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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