The Wonders of Short Stories

You probably know what a short story is.

But some of you might think along the lines of, “Bah, what’s so great about short stories!? I’ll stick to writing my series of fiction books, thanks.”

I’m aware that there are cons to short stories. One of the major cons is that you have to condense everything as much as possible. You can’t write a big, super-elaborate plot (or can you?) in a short story. This is because you have a limited amount of pages and/or words when it comes to short stories as they’re supposed to be, well, short. And maybe some short stories you’ve read don’t make an ounce of sense, which I can definitely empathize with. But there are some pros to writing short stories, and I thought I’d write a post about a few, if not all of these pros.

1. Its shortness helps us focus on the storyline.

Though this can be a con also, the good side of a short story is that, due to it being short, it makes us writers give priority to a good, but tight enough storyline so it doesn’t ramble on for a million years’ worth of pages. This can help us writers hone our writing skills for elements of writing like the plot, for example.

2. It gives you the chance for exploring and expanding upon one concept. 

With short stories, you can just focus your writing on one main concept or theme rather than have a gazillion tons of symbolism in novels like “Fifth Business” by Robertson Davies. For example, Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” focuses on the relationship between death and human beings.

3. It is an awesome way to get some nice pocket change! 

Well, this pro only makes sense if you either publish your short story, or submit the short story to a short story contest and place in said contest. But hey, these contests are actually kind of fun to participate in! I participated in a short story writing contest and got 3rd place in the Teen Category—and a cash prize to go with it, too! I would honestly go for it—even if it doesn’t get you, say, one million dollars, it’s a great way to always a good goal to work towards if you’re starting up as a writer.

I encourage all of you guys to at least try writing one or two short stories. Who knows? Maybe it will end up as something that’s your forte for writing!

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