Things You Should Know About “Engagement To Die For”

Cover of "Engagement To Die For" by Claris Lam
Cover of “Engagement To Die For” by Claris Lam

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

As all of you already know (or if you don’t know, now you do!), my murder mystery novel “Engagement To Die For” will be releasing soon! “Engagement To Die For” is the sequel to the book I published last year, “Winner Takes All.”

I’ll be answering a few quesitons you might have about “Engagement To Die For” in today’s post. Let’s get to it:

Do I need to read “Winner Takes All” first?

No, you don’t have to have “Winner Takes All” to enjoy “Engagement To Die For!” For those wary of spoilers for the first book, “Engagement To Die For” discusses some events from its prequel “Winner Takes All” briefly. However,  you can also read this book on a mostly-standalone basis. Think of this as a series like Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen mysteries where all the main storylines can be read individually, but there is some continuity between them.

However, if you are interested in reading “Winner Takes All” and haven’t done so yet, you can purchase a copy from these online retailers.

Will there be new characters introduced?

Yes! One of them is Aria, Aubri’s twin sister. There are quite a few more that our main cast will encounter in the story as well!

Wait, Aubri has a twin sister!? How come we didn’t know about this earlier!?

Yes, she does have a twin sister. As for how you didn’t know about this earlier, you’ll find out more when you read the book.

Will someone die in this book?

Yes. It’s a murder mystery, so this is a given. However, I can guarantee that there is less bloodshed in this one compared to the last book.

When will it be released?

“Engagement To Die For” will be available for purchase on June 20th, 2023!

When will the third and final book be released?

At this time, I can’t give a specific date. This is because of all  the work I’ve been doing with “Engagement To Die For,” from editing and formatting the book for publication to marketing and spreading the word about this book. However, I’ll make sure to keep all of you updated on its progress as time goes by!

If you haven’t preordered “Engagement To Die For,” you can do so by clicking the button below! I hope that this post gave clarification about this upcoming book. Let any fellow murder mystery enthusiasts know about it as well, and ask your library to order the book for their e-catalogue too! Thank you for your support!

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