When you can’t find books that you’re interested in reading

I’m sure we all have this problem. I know I really do.

When you can’t find books that you’re interested in reading, well, it sucks. So, I thought I’d try my best to give some advice as of what to do when you can’t find anything you’re interested in reading.

1. Investigate your own bookshelves. 

Maybe there was a book or two on your shelf that you never got around to reading. You know what? Now is a great time to read them!

2. Rob other people’s bookshelves. 

No, don’t actually rob other people’s bookshelves, that’s obviously illegal and getting arrested for borrowing books without others’ permission is probably not a good idea. Ask said people first before you check out the books from their bookshelves.

3. Recommendations, anyone? 

Ask your friends and family if they’ve read any good books. Join a book club—maybe people there have a book they can show you that you’ll end up liking!

4. Browse the library! 

The library. Probably the best place to look to find books (and not have to pay for them).

5. Browse the bookstore! 

A great place to find newer books, but will obviously come with a price. Be careful not to buy too many at once, though!

6. Look online. 

Some books are only available to buy online, or you can only get them via dowloading them, not by having them send a hard copy to you. There might be one or two that you can get there. I got Ticker by Lisa Mantchev via online, for example.

I hope that this advice helps you find some books you’re interested in reading!

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