When you get frustrated with writing (and a few tips on how to help)

Remember how I wrote a post about writer’s block? Well, in a way this is slightly related to it as this post is going to be about the times you get frustrated with writing in general. There are going to be times, I’m sure, when you’re frustrated with writing. Not because you have writer’s block, but for other reasons, too. Maybe you think you’ve messed up at writing some major part of your story, or maybe you’re sick of writing this one battle scene that feels like it’s been going on for centuries. So I thought I’d give some advice as of what to do when you’re frustrated with writing.

1. Scream. 

Did you ever see the scene in Footloose where two of the characters go to some nearby train tracks and then scream out their frustration while the train is going past them? I’m not saying that you have to do exactly what those two characters did, but honestly it helps to just vent out your frustration like that. Warning: Don’t do this in a crowded area. That might not be good for you, or anyone else.

2. Look over the work you’ve done so far. 

Maybe what you’ve done isn’t so bad. If it is, just take a deep few breaths and brainstorm a bit. What could you do to make it better? Maybe you can find a way to shorten that battle scene that goes on forever and ever. Maybe you can fix some spelling errors too if you find any.

3. Just drop it and come back to it a little later. 

When I mean by come back to it a little later, I mean by an hour later. Not a week or a year later, because otherwise you might lose all inspiration you had for your writing piece. But taking some time off your piece could help you clear your mind and focus better when you come back to work on your piece.

4. Get someone to read your piece of writing for you. 

That someone you have read your piece could give you some helpful advice as of where to improve and some suggestions as of where to go next with your writing.

I hope that these tips helped you get past your writing frustration, and all the best with your writing!

2 thoughts on “When you get frustrated with writing (and a few tips on how to help)

  1. It is so important to just leave a piece behind for awhile when you need a break. I rarely write something in one sitting, often needing to come back to it as I am inspired.

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