The Harlow Mystery Trilogy

Genre: Murder Mystery

Note: Title for Book 3 is a working title and not confirmed.

“Bloody Fantasia: A Harlow Mystery” (Book 3)

Summary: The sequel to “An Engagement To Die For” and the finale to the Harlow Mystery Trilogy. Aubri thought that with everything that happened lately, things couldn’t get worse—but they do. While helping Aria move into the prestigious music school she just got accepted into, tragedy strikes during the school’s welcoming ceremonies and whispers of a copycat killer from the school’s past are suddenly on the loose. Aubri, Aria, and their friends will have to discover the school’s past while searching for the current killer…and hope that they don’t end up being part of the school’s bloodstained history.

  • Status: Currently being edited based on feedback from beta readers.

Standalone Novels

“Sadie Rowe And The Missing Necklace” (Kidlit, Fantasy)

Inspirations: Daisy Meadows’ Rainbow Fairy series and Gwyneth Rees’ Fairy Dust series

Summary: After losing her grandma’s necklace, Sadie must work together with a fairy named Pearl in order to find it. But can Sadie learn to trust Pearl as they continue working together, or will her doubts about others keep them from finding the necklace at all?

  • Status: Currently pursuing self-publication with this novel. Currently being edited based on feedback from beta readers.

On Hiatus:

Note: All novels below are on hiatus due to increased focus on the above trilogy and standalones.

Currently Untitled Cozy Fantasy Farming Sim-Inspired Novel

Inspirations: Harvest Moon, Story Of Seasons, Stardew Valley

  • Status: Draft 1 is complete as of Sept. 12th, 2023. On hiatus due to focus on the above projects.

Currently Untitled Fantasy Adventure Novel

Inspirations: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild & Tears Of The Kingdom

  • Status: Draft 1 complete as of mid-July 2023!

Currently Untitled Fantasy Novel

Inspirations: King’s Quest (game series)

  • Status: Draft 1 is complete as of mid-February 2023. On hiatus until other active projects are done being drafted and/or edited.

“Finding The End”

Summary: The one where an author must team up with two minor characters and the villain to save the world of her own novel, and themselves, from absolute doom.

  • Status: On hiatus.
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Fun Fact: The first draft of this novel was my Camp NaNoWriMo project for April 2018!

“Not The Chosen One”

Summary: The one where the Chosen One is fated to stop a villain’s nefarious plans. The problem? Said Chosen One doesn’t want to be the Chosen One!

  • Status: On hiatus.
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Fun Fact: The first draft of this novel was my Camp NaNoWriMo project for April 2020!

Other Works

Many flash fiction pieces, short stories, and poems.


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