Worst 5 Books I Read In 2022!

Hello, fellow readers!

As is tradition at this point, I will be ranking the worst five books that I read this year, 2022!

Last year, I read so many terrible books that it was hard to choose which ones were the worst. Fortunately, this year was much easier to pick among what I enjoyed least. This is because there were far more books I enjoyed reading and reviewing this year compared to last year.

However, I still managed to find five books that I truly disliked, and they are the following:

Cover of "Catherine House" by Elisabeth Thomas

5. “Catherine House” by Elisabeth Thomas

This was supposed to be a big book for those who enjoy the “Dark Academia” trend. Unfortunately, the book underdelivered on delivering that aesthetic and also failed to give an intriguing plotline. All of the characters fell flat, any of the creepy elements felt thrown in for the sake of drama, and I just did not enjoy reading this book.

Cover of "To Make Monsters Out Of Girls" by Amanda Lovelace

4. “To Make Monsters Out Of Girls” by Amanda Lovelace 

Two of Lovelace’s books are on this list because they essentially rehash the same themes again and again. This book and the next book on this list get a special mention because they are part of a duology and are supposed to build on each other. I think the concepts could’ve been good if well written. But, it just fell flat here. Lovelace depends on much free verse poetry to get her points across, but rarely experiments with meter or word choice at all.

Cover of "To Drink Coffee With A Ghost" by Amanda Lovelace

3. “To Drink Coffee With A Ghost” by Amanda Lovelace

Much like the previous entry, this poetry collection focuses on similar themes. It also fails to intrigue me as a reader, since it just touches on the same themes repeatedly without going into any real depth. There is no experimentation on rhyme, meter, or word choice at all, and none of the poems really stuck out to me as a reader. Since this felt like a repeat of “To Make Monsters Out Of Girls,” I enjoyed reading this collection even less than that one.

Cover of "All The Tides Of Fate" by Adalyn Grace

2. “All The Tides Of Fate” by Adalyn Grace

The characters were flat when it came to development, but one of the most developed characters between the previous book and this book was killed off, much to my displeasure. I also felt that the heroine went backwards in terms of development, and the relationship she had with her love interest grew increasingly unhealthy.

Cover of "B*Witch" by Paige McKenzie and Nancy Ohlin

1. “B*WITCH” by Paige McKenzie and Nancy Ohlin

This book was, hands-down, the worst book I read this year. The concepts were great, but nothing delivered on those concepts—the character development, worldbuilding, and plot development felt non-existent and/or bare bones. The plot was especially confusing in the second half as well, and I didn’t find myself drawn to any character whatsoever.

These were the books I enjoyed the least in 2022, but what about you? Did any of these books make the list, or perhaps a different book took their place? Let me know in the comments below!

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