Current Posting Schedule

Listed below is my current posting schedule regarding fanfics and book reviews being posted.

This will change on occasion once fanfics are completed (for example, a multi-chapter fic will have regular posting until its completion), or if I have any other major changes (such as changing how often I post book reviews, for example, as sometimes I’ll post twice a week instead of once).

Tuesdays (until Dec. 20, 2022, then on hiatus until Jan. 1st 2023):

Book reviews appear on this site!

Upcoming Uploads:

Dec. 22, 2022: “Worst 5 Books I Read In 2022”

Dec. 25th, 2022: “Top 5 Books I Read In 2022”

Dec. 27th, 2022: “Fanfiction Recommendations of 2022”

Jan. 2nd, 2023: January 2023 Writing Update

Jan. 2023, exact date TBA: First chapter of a Super Smash Bros/The Last Story multichapter crossover fanfic posted! Sequel to the fanfic “A Place To Belong.”

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