Finding The End

Genre: Fantasy (Quest Fantasy subgenre)

Status: 2nd Draft Completed. In Proofreading/Editing Stages prior to 3rd Draft.


The one where an author must team up with two minor characters and the villain to save the world and themselves. Chaos ensues when the hero of the story ends up becoming the antagonist they hoped they didn’t need to face. If Viella and the others can’t get the Sword of Justice, Shield of Support and Gauntlet of Grace back from the Hero and his companions, to restore the world’s Crystal and save the world, everyone is doomed.

Our Main Protagonists:

  • Viella: The Author. Waking up in the world of her own novel and with no idea how to get home, she has to help the villain and two minor characters save the world before the Hero screws it up entirely.
  • Silver Shadow: The Villain. His life saved from the Hero by the Author, Shadow has no choice but to work with her to save the world.
  • Driskell: The Mage. On the run and in hiding from his mother, Valda, Driskell’s last wish was to go up against her and the Hero she aids. Unfortunately, he might have to do just that to save the world.
  • Louella: The Bard. Unsure of what to do in life, it’s certainly a fun opportunity for Louella to try to save the world. But saving the world is more than fun and games, and will be much more dangerous than she hopes for…especially once it starts endangering the people she’s close to.
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