Not The Chosen One

Genre: Fantasy (Urban Fantasy & Quest Fantasy subgenres)

Status: 2nd Draft Complete


The one where the Chosen One is fated to stop a villain’s nefarious plans. The problem? Said Chosen One doesn’t want to be the Chosen One! Chaos ensues as Zoe, and the companions she meets along the way, tries to find a way to get out of her role of being the Chosen One while being hunted down by the villain she’s support to defeat.

Our Main Protagonists:

  • Zoe Wilson, Daughter Of Fiona Wilson: Our main heroine, who is the Chosen One meant to defeat the Witch of Carnage. The problem? She doesn’t want to be the Chosen One!
  • Derrick: Zoe’s best friend since childhood. He’s thrilled when Zoe ends up being the Chosen One…but he’s willing to help her get out of it, if that’s what she wants. He focuses on trying to do the right thing for his friends and for others, no matter how dangerous that might be.
  • Elyon Helen Lyr: A Messenger that let Zoe know that she’s the new Chosen One. Now, she’s stuck trying to help Zoe get out of her role, while trying to stay alive in the process. She knows how dangerous it can be to be a Chosen One due to past experiences, and she knows that if Zoe wants out, she will help her get out of it any way she can.
  • Lucian: A man who accidentally murdered his boyfriend and niece after an experiment went horrendously wrong. He ends up in joining Zoe, Elyon and Derrick after they realize that he has knowledge of the bus routes that can get them to their destination faster.

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