Book Review: “Shadeborn” by Garrett Robinson

Warning: If you have not read “Shadeborn” by Garrett Robinson, don’t read this review unless you don’t mind spoilers!

I’m back with another book by Garrett Robinson, with this one being “Shadeborn” from the Nightblade series! I got this by being part of Team Legacy, where you get free copies of the books in exchange for honest reviews on Amazon! If you’ve come from reading my Amazon review to read the full review here (don’t worry, this is allowed and I asked long ago if this was okay and they said yes), welcome! Make sure to follow this blog to always get the full reviews here.

Without further ado, here’s the summary so we know what it’s about:

“Loren is listless in the wind. Though the Shades have been revealed, the cost of that knowledge seems too heavy to bear. And once again Xain is clutched by the tremors of magestone sickness, giving her the excuse she needs to simply…not go on.

But now that the Shades have been found, they will not let Loren rest. If the Mystics learn what she knows, all the Shades’ dark schemes could be thrown into disarray. Northwood will be the first town to burn under their icy fury, but as they hunt for Loren on the road to Feldemar, it will not be the last.”

Overall, I thought the pacing of the book was very slow, and this is the worst part of the book overall. I felt that they could have cut out a lot of the journeying part of their travels in this book to get all the way to the High King, because it slowed down the plot progression of the book by a lot, compared to past books.

However, Loren’s quick wits are certainly highlighted in this one as she has to save Chet from death, as well as save the High King and the Prince themselves from death in an extremely short period  of time! I like how the book took the time to show us exactly how smart Loren is and how quickly she is able to adapt to the situation surrounding her. She’s becoming very befitting of her “Nightblade” title, and her rescue of the High King and Prince lands her a job working for them, despite her status. It’ll be interesting to see how she bears with this new status of not being a criminal, but rather an ally to the people that once hunted her and her companions.

Unfortunately, the other character were not quite as interesting. There seems to be a hinted potential romance starting to blossom between Anna and Gem, which we saw very little of, and Chet and Loren’s romantic chemistry feels a bit forced. If anything, the dynamic between Chet and Loren is more like Chet trying to stay as Loren’s conscience, as he’s baffled by how much she’s changed, but Loren is set on her own path and she’s not letting anything, including her own friends, get in the way of what she needs and/or wants. As for Xain, he’s fine, but nothing much really changes with him overall—though I am happy to say he’s FINALLY reunited with his son!

Chet, individually, isn’t very interesting to read and is clearly there as just Loren’s love interest and/or conscience person. He’s not very useful to the team, and I have a feeling he might get actually killed off next book. We’ll see what happens with him then.

Overall, I’m rating this book 3 out of 5 stars!

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