Book Review: “The Devil is a Part-Timer! Volume 5” by Satoshi Wagahara

Warning: If you have not read “The Devil is a Part-Timer, Volume 5” by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by 029 (Oniku), do not read this review unless you have already read the book or don’t mind spoilers.

I’m back with another book review, and this time it’s “The Devil is a Part-Timer Vol. 5” by Satoshi Wagahara! Here’s a summary so we know what it’s about:

With the repairs to his dingy one-bedroom apartment completed, Maou needs a new TV, so…the Devil’s going digital! The trouble is, Maou and Ashiya don’t know the first thing about flat-screens, so they bring Emi’s friend Rika along with them to the local big-box electronics outlet. For some reason, Suzuno ends up coming along, and it turns into a shopping tour with the whole gang!”

The plotline was definitely more in depth than the previous one, as it built on the more important parts of the plot from last book and also showed more of what’s happening back on Ente Isla. The poor place has now fallen into a civil war, no thanks to the corrupt characters in the series, and meanwhile the main characters are trying to get a TV or two as they readjust to living back at their apartment. Despite the amount of depth, it made it no less fun to read like the last couple of books.

Also, character development hugely happens, such as Maou seriously challenging Suzuno and her standards of keeping the world safe and such about halfway through the book. When Rika, one of Emi’s friends that lives in Japan and isn’t from Ente Isla, gets romantically interested in Ashiya, Suzuno is hugely against this. However, after some pointing out from Maou that Chiho had the same/similar situation in the first book, given that Chiho is from Japan and not Ente Isla and that Suzuno seems totally fine letting Chiho stick with Maou and the others, it’s fair to say this gives Suzuno some food for thought. I found this to be one of the most enjoyable scenes in the book, mainly because this argument is 1. Coming from the Devil King of all people, and he just out-debated the person who’s most equivalent to a lawyer back on Ente Isla, and 2. This really helps to challenge Suzuno’s internal development and what she thinks of everything.

Remember the Archangel (more like archenemy) Gabriel from Book 3? HE’S BACK! However, he doesn’t cause as much chaos as last time, as he’s supposedly demoted to the equivalent of desk work. That doesn’t stop him from annoying Urishihara, though, nor does this stop him from rallying the OTHER angels to achieve their nefarious mission. He’s a bit more toned down than he was earlier on, and that was kind of nice. I have a feeling he’ll be back in a later book, and I actually hope to see more funny interactions between him and Urishihara going on too!

The first half of the book also focuses hugely on Alciel, and he does get some development. As his and Rika’s somewhat-a-date goes on, it’s obvious that he may, actually, like her back! I hope to see more development between these two in the next book. Even Chiho, who gets into a weird incident that causes her to be hospitalized for a good while in the book, ends up contributing hugely and developing from more than a damsel in distress, for reasons that I can’t spoil or else I’d be spoiling a major part of the plot for this book!

Overall, I’m rating this book 5 out of 5 stars for the amount of character development involved, as well as great plot development!

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