Wanted: Book Review Requests!

As you all know, I love reading books and reviewing them. It is initially why I started this blog.

I noticed lately, however, that my reading lists on tumblr don’t have any books to read.

Since I’m not necessarily reading many fiction books at the moment, I’ve decided to let all of you request a book or two for me to read and potentially review in the future! Feel free to comment on this post or the related post on my tumblr with what books you’d like to see me read and review, and I might just choose those books to read next!

Depending on how many book review requests I get, I may narrow them down to a list of top five or ten books. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll put up another post regarding this.

Hint: Please check out all the reviews I’ve posted on this blog so far first before requesting, just in case I’ve already read and reviewed that book. This is so I don’t have any repeats of re-reading and reviewing something I’ve already read.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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