Book Review: “Yerrin” by Garrett Robinson

Warning: If you haven’t read “Yerrin” by Garrett Robinson, don’t read this review unless you don’t mind spoilers!

I’m back with another book review, and this time it’s “Yerrin” by Garrett Robinson! I got this copy of the book for free in exchange for a review, like with virtually every single book in this series so far, due to being part of Team Legacy. Here’s a summary so we know what it’s about:

Loren pursues Damaris of the family Yerrin. But Damaris has fled south into Dorsea, and she knows she is being hunted. 

The power of the High King’s hand is still at Loren’s back, but that has not helped her bring her arch-nemesis to bay. Damaris eludes her at every turn, and the best trackers at Loren’s disposal cannot close the gap in her pursuit. And then disaster strikes in Underrealm’s great civil war, as an entire kingdom turns traitor.

Her mission has never been more urgent, and yet despite her best efforts, Loren cannot gain the upper hand. As the danger to her friends grows ever greater, Loren must decide just how far she is willing to go to deliver the High King’s justice.”

Overall, I was disappointed by the lack of actual fight scenes going on in this book. I know that sounds weird, especially given that this book focused more heavily on the political consequences of virtually everything going on (assassinations, torture and deaths galore on top of Loren’s inexperience with formal battles and such!) but a lot of the death or straight-up combat felt more subdued than usual. Of course, this gave room for much of the politics and actual strategizing, which I think was interesting to read, but there comes a time where it just gets a bit much and feels like it slows down the plot instead of helping it along its course. However, I do think it was interesting to see the whole plotting and strategizing behind the scenes, because it shows us how tricky it is with the politics of this world and shows that Loren severely needs some training in how all of this works, because right now it’s not going well for her.

Chet…died. I was honestly surprised that he died, because I seriously thought he’d live and have the chance to move forwards in this plot of what’s going on with him and Loren post-Auntie from last book, but nope. Not only does his plotline end with him voluntarily leaving the main group, but it turns out he poor guy was captured and tortured to the point of death and so dies in Loren’s arms. Does it suck that he died? Yes. Do I think it’ll impact Loren heavily? Yes. We’ll see what happens in the next book regarding that, I’m sure.

Speaking of Chet’s death, it wasn’t the only one that was a major one this time around. Gregor, Damaris’ arguably closest companion of all and also a long-time-enemy towards Loren and the others for obvious reasons in this series so far, also ends up dying in combat against Loren. In the Epilogue, it’s clearly shown that Damaris had much care towards him, and it gives me a new angle we have to her other than her and Annis no longer seeing eye to eye as of several books ago. I actually really liked seeing that side of Damaris, and I have a feeling she’s out for Loren’s blood at this point now that Gregor’s dead.

Speaking of said Epilogue, I love the fact that Mako from the Academy series is definitely getting involved here, as he’s going to investigate Loren. If I’m correct in guessing, from looking at this, I think that a Nightblade/Academy crossover is going to happen as of either next book or the book after that. It will be rather fascinating to see Loren and the others interact with Mako and maybe even Ebon and the others from the Academy series.

Overall, I’m rating this book 3.75 out of 5 stars!

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