Looking Forward to 2019!

2018 has been quite the year for me in terms of follows, fandoms, fanfiction and book reviews!

No, that’s not alliterative at the end. I’m sorry. But otherwise, YES, it’s been quite a year for me and far more action-packed than the last one!

Here’s a summary of what’s happened with me during 2018:

Firstly, I reached over 100 followers on Tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress (this platform) this year! Thank you so much for the support, and I’m glad you appreciate reading my fanfics and book reviews! Can we get Facebook to 100 followers next year? Perhaps wishful thinking, but time will tell.

Secondly, I managed to check off several things I wanted to do from my 2018 post, such as:

  1. Reviewing the book “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman!
  2. Read “The Midnight Star” by Marie Lu. Spoiler alert: I was thoroughly disappointed when writing up the review!
  3. “It Devours!” by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor.
  4. Read the first volume of “Welcome to the Ballroom,” and I swear I’m going to continue the series once I get my hands on the next volume!

In terms of TV shows and movies, I unfortunately did not get to watch any of the films I wanted to watch this year, due to being sidelined by many new projects I created and focused on instead. However, I did watch the following TV shows:

  1. “Emerald City.” If you followed me on tumblr, you might’ve seen my reaction posts to all the episodes during January to early February, and I even ended up writing a fanfiction continuum because of it (see the fanfiction section below for further info).
  2. The first season of “American Gods,” and YES I compared it with the book version! I also wrote reaction posts on tumblr as well.

In terms of fanfiction, I started a new fanfiction account on Archive Of Our Own! I crossposted some of my fics from Fanfiction.net onto there (though majority of them still remain on Fanfiction.net as of currently). As for new fanfics themselves, some of them I consider highlights are here:

  1. Writing Geist Grace and Nobutsuna Kamiizumi’s wedding in the “Things We Cannot Undo” Fanfic Continuum and posting it during May 2018, before posting a follow-up fic, “Wacky Wedding Nights,” the week or two after it! I’m still floored to this day that there are several readers that enjoy reading the ship, and I love writing the ship. I still remember posting the first oneshot in that series, and how I managed to get the engagement oneshot posted literally a year after that. Thank you all that have read, commented and supported this series, because this was (and still is) one of my favourites to write!
  2. Started the Emerald City/Yakitate!! Japan crossover series, “Home.”  
  3. Started the Bravely Default/Second fanfic continuum “Your Heart Is A Witness,” which features Fiore DeRosa and Nobutsuna Kamiizumi.
  4. I continued and finished my fanfics “Empire Knights and the Council of Six,” “SHERLOCK” and “Clockwork Angel!”
  5. I started writing “Down The Rabbit Hole,” A Bravely Default/Second Alice In Wonderland AU fanfic, and finished it as of late October this year.
  6. Getting into the Escape The Night fandom and consequently writing Escape The Night fanfics “More Than A Few Adjustments” and “Here We Go Again!”

Things I wish to do for next year (2019!):

  1. Continuing and finishing “Blood Warrior.” I meant to pick up writing this fic again after finishing “Down The Rabbit Hole,” but I’ve decided that I’ll finish my Escape The Night fanfic “Here We Go Again” first before doing so. After that—I have some ideas in mind as of what to do next, but it’s currently undecided.
  2. Continuing to write my novel! I’m writing a draft of it right now, slowly, and I hope to get a draft or two done during the next year! I did get a good chunk of it written during Camp NaNoWriMo (the May 2018 one, not so much the July 2018 one), but I really want to use the next year to work more on this original fiction as well as potentially writing some more short stories and submitting those for contests and/or publication. I know I haven’t talked a whole lot about my original fiction or my writing process, and so I might write up a few posts on WordPress discussing that in the next year.
  3. Writing more Book Tag posts! I’m surprised I haven’t written more of these posts, but I find them pretty fun and I think it would be good to try out more of them. I already have a few ideas of which Book Tags to try out, but if you want to suggest any for me to try out, feel free to do so!


What did you enjoy about this year? Have any plans for next year yet? Feel free to let me know in the comments! I hope you all had a wonderful 2018 and that your 2019 will be just as spectacular or more!

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