November 2022 Writing Update

Gif of a bird floating in a cup of tea or cocoa. The words on the gif read: "Happy November! Sending Cozy Vibes!"
A gif created by Chibird, with the illustration being a bird floating in a cup of cocoa or tea. The words on the gif read: “Happy November! Sending Cozy Vibes!”

Happy November, fellow readers and writers!

I hope that your October was good, and that this November is wonderful as well! Here’s an update on what you can expect from me going into November:

Original Fiction:

Editing and revisions for my sequel to my murder mystery “Winner Takes All,” “An Engagement To Die For,” is going slowly. I hope to finish what edits need to be done by either the end of this month or the end of the year, just so I can focus on getting this novel proofread and being a step closer to publishing in the future!

I am also currently drafting one or two other novels. I also realize that I have many novels that are either A. partially drafted, B. fully drafted but not edited yet, or C. outlined but not even drafted yet or had worldbuilding fleshed out. Trying to keep track of which projects are at which stages is particularly difficult when you keep coming up with new projects, and organizing these projects is a massive task I’m working on over the next two months.

Due to focus on other projects (not just “An Engagement To Die For” but also others I haven’t mentioned yet on this site or elsewhere), I’ve decided to push back having beta reader copies of my kidlit fantasy book to March 2023. I know it seems like a drastic pushback since the original beta-reader-copy-ready deadline I set for myself was this month, but it’s just so I can focus on “An Engagement To Die For,” drafting the other novels, and organizing all my projects so I have a better idea of where I am in the writing process with all of them (and making it easier to prioritize certain writing projects over others).

As I mentioned during the last writing update (and will repeat again here), I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I just have too many projects going on at once, both related to writing and not related, for me to work on at the moment. I also want to prevent burnout and taking on NaNo might push me to that end at this time.

However, since I know there are many of you out there that will probably want to participate and/or area already participating in naNo, I have a couple of posts I previously about the event that you can read below. Included in these posts are some experiences I’ve shared while while participating in the event, as well as some things I learned that I hope you find useful:


This month’s fanfic postings are full of crossovers. I’m delighted to bring not just one Moonlighter/The Last Story crossover, but two of them—and they take place within the same continuation as well!

First, on Nov. 7th, I will be posting “Deeper Into The Dungeons We Go!” I’m surprised to see that Moonlighter has even less fanfics than The Last Story does, so I decided to create this fun little crossover, starring Will (the player character from Moonlighter) and Sir Therius (a non-player character from The Last Story). 

Next, on Nov. 21st, “Down In The Underground” will be posted! This is a follow-up to “Deeper Into The Dungeons We Go,” so make sure you read that one first before reading this one! I got inspiration to write this one quickly after writing “Deeper Into The Dungeons We Go,” so I went straight into writing it. I hope you enjoy reading Will and Therius’ adventures in these two oneshots!

I also hope to have one or two oneshots posted for December 2022 as well before taking a break from posting those until mid-January (or later), so stay tuned for more info!

Thank you all so much for supporting my writing journey so far! I hope you look forward to the works I have coming up.

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