Yet ANOTHER Update!

Hello, fellow writers and readers!  I hope all of you are well during these still-unprecedented times.

As I mentioned in my previous update post, there were some changes I planned to implement starting in August, including new updates to a fanfic previously on hiatus, as well as a fic switching to bi-weekly updates. I’ve finalized said details, so here is what you can expect (including some bonus posts I’ll have for August!):

August 3rd: A Camp NaNoWriMo Reflection!

For those that followed me on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook during July, you may already know that I won Camp NaNoWriMo again! I will have a post reflecting on the experience on the 3rd to let you know how all of that went, as well as one or two things I learned during that time.

August 16th: The “I Should Have Read That” Book Tag!

Another bonus Book Tag is coming for August 16th! I hope all of you look forward to reading what I have to say for this one.

Mondays, bi-weekly: Updates for “Moments In Time,” my Escape The Night fanfic!

“Moments In Time,” as featured on Archive Of Our Own, is coming back with bi-weekly updates on Mondays! I hope all of you enjoy reading what I have in store!

Wednesdays, weekly: Updates for “The Next Chapters,” my The Last Story/Rune Factory 4 crossover fanfic!

“The Next Chapters” will continue its usual weekly updates, on and Archive Of Our Own, on Wednesdays!

Thursdays, bi-weekly:  Aesthetic Thursdays!

Aesthetic Thursdays will continue on their usual bi-weekly basis! You can check them out on my Tumblr, but I’ll also post links to them on Twitter and Facebook.

Fridays, bi-weekly: Updates for “A Light Amid The Darkness,” my Bravely Second/Hustle Cat crossover fanfic!

Updates for “A Light Amid The Darkness” will continue on Fridays on Archive Of Our Own, but will be bi-weekly from hereon.

I’m hoping to keep up all of this regular posting for the next few months until around December, where I have plans to change things up for the occasion. I hope all of you look forward to these new fanfiction updates, book reviews, Aesthetic Thursdays and more!

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