December 2022 Writing Update

Happy December, fellow readers and writers!

I hope that your November was well, and that December is just as good or better!

With winter holidays and the end of the year approaching, I have several updates to give all of you—from new publications, social media to WIPS and other upcoming works of mine.

Upcoming Publications:

I am grateful and excited to announce that my three poems “Sick Days,” “Everything Is Fine,” and “Quarantined Fear” were accepted for publication for the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health’s project In Their Own Words: Reflections By Youth On The Pandemic! This project consists of youth ages 12 to 25 sharing their experiences and stories about their educational experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic—from art to audio and video to writing!

My poems, along with over 100 other accepted submissions, will be published in a featured Special Series on Healthy Debate – Canada’s online source for journalism about health care. My understanding is that all of our works will be published over the next several months, starting this month, so I’ll be sure to write another post and let you all know when my poems are available for you to check out!

Social Media:

In light of what’s been going on with Twitter during November and heading into this month, I would like to highly encourage all of you to either directly subscribe to this site or follow me on Tumblr and/or Facebook.  If you only want to follow me through one social media site then Tumblr is probably where you can find me most often (other than this site) since I’ve been more active there since the beginning of November.

Speaking of social media, however, I’m happy to announce that I have an official Bookbub profile! By following me on Bookbub, you can get any updates on any possible sales of my books in the future. Thanks for the support!

You can also click here to check out my Carrd full of other places where you can find my work and follow me!

As for my Twitter account, I don’t plan to straight-up leave Twitter anytime soon. However, I wanted to encourage you to directly follow my site or my other social media (Facebook and Tumblr) in case Twitter implodes for whatever reason, given the current situation. Thanks for your support!

Book Reviews:

For those who missed the November’s book reviews, I have them linked below:

As I mentioned in an earlier writing update post, I will post new book reviews up until the week of Dec. 20th this month. I’ll be taking a break from posting reviews between then and January 2023 for the holidays!

However, there will be some bonus posts that will be posted close to and/or around the Christmas holidays in place of book reviews—so be prepared to check out posts about this year’s Fanfiction Recommendations, Top 5 Books I Read This Year, and the Worst 5 Books I Read This Year! I hope you look forward to reading those!

Fiction and Poetry:

If you visited the WIP page of my site or kept an eye on my Tumblr during November, you’ve probably noted that I reorganized all the WIPs I have and am at various stages with three novels. The first one, “An Engagement To Die For,” is still undergoing more edits and revisions. The second, a still-to-be-named kidlit fantasy novel, is also undergoing edits, with my goal to have beta reader-ready copies made by March 2023. I am also writing the first draft of the third novel, a to-be-named fantasy novel inspired by the video game series King’s Quest!

I also have been trying to write more poetry and submit some to lit mags and contests as well, though I’ll likely take a break from that for this month due to the upcoming winter holidays.


After much deliberation during November, I’ve decided that I will be taking all of December 2022 off from posting fanfics. This is just so I can give myself a break for the winter holidays coming up this month (example – Christmas), and also prepare for 2023! The only exception to this if I somehow write up a Christmas oneshot or standalone oneshot in general, and I decide to post it. However, that is very unlikely to happen given my current projects.

I hope to continue posting new fanfics as soon as January 2023. I’m currently writing chapters for a Super Smash Bros./The Last Story fanfic which is a long, multichapter sequel to “A Place To Belong.” If I write enough chapters, I hope to start posting them by mid-January at latest. Whether I post on a biweekly or weekly basis depends on how many chapters I have written by then, so stay tuned for further details!

Thank you to everyone for all of your support!

A lot has been accomplished this year—from having my tanka poem featured in the Create Waterloo World Poetry Day event to self-publishing my first novel, it’s been quite a year for me in my writing journey. Thank you so much for following and supporting my writing journey, and I hope that all of you look forward to reading what else I have in store going into 2023!

If you like this post, please share it with your fellow writers and readers! Also, feel free to follow my site and/or like my Facebook Page, Bookbub, Twitter, and Tumblr for more reader/writer posts, fanfics, book reviews, and other updates! 

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