A December Update!

Greetings, fellow writers and readers! I hope all of you are having a good fall season so far.

I previously mentioned, in my past update post, that I had some things planned for December. As we head into the winter season, I’m happy to announce the following plans: 

1. My Bravely Second/Hustle Cat crossover, “A Light Amid The Darkness,” will have weekly updates during December except for Christmas!

I will be posting weekly during December up until the week of December 25th. I will not be posting a new chapter of my Bravely Second/Hustle Cat crossover fanfic, “A Light Amid The Darkness” during that week due to Christmas celebrations. 

Weekly updates will continue starting on January 1st, 2021, up until the final chapter is posted. 

2. My Escape The Night fanfic “Moments In Time” will be back on hiatus for December 2020!

My Escape The Night fanfic “Moments In Time” will be on hiatus until January 2021, if not later. This is due to two reasons: First, Christmas celebrations. Second, I need a break from posting for that fic, especially since we don’t know when or if we’ll have a Season 5 for Escape The Night.

I will give a later update on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and extra author notes in the fic itself if I decide to extend this hiatus later on, so stay tuned about that fic’s posting status. 

3. My The Last Story/Rune Factory 4 crossover fanfic “The Next Chapters” finishes in December!

My The Last Story/Rune Factory 4 crossover fanfic “The Next Chapters” will finally be wrapped up during December. I’ll be continuing regularly weekly updates for this fanfic, and the final chapter will be posted on December 23rd.

This fanfic has been one of my biggest projects so far, and I hope that this fanfic’s last chapters will be a nice Christmas gift for all of you reading it.

4. No Book Reviews during Christmas!

I will not be posting any book reviews starting from the week of December 20th to January 1st, 2021 (New Year’s Day!). However, there will be book reviews on December 1st, 8th and the 15th. Stay tuned for them! 

5. Aesthetic Thursdays are on hiatus during December!

My bi-weekly Aesthetic Thursday posts will also be on on hiatus during all of December. I hope to start posting them again in January or February 2021.

6. Bonus Posts!

I’ll be posting some bonus blog posts during December! Some of these posts are actually ones you wanted to see me write about according to a Twitter poll I ran back in August. They are the following:

  • The Top 5 Books I Read In 2020!
  • The Worst 5 Books I Read In 2020!
  • Top 5 Terrors Of Editing!

In addition to these three posts, I also will have my yearly Fanfiction Recommendations post, a reflection on how NaNoWriMo went during this November, and a Looking Forward to 2021 post that will be posted sometime during December. I hope all of you enjoy reading them when they come!

It’s been a wild year with a lot of unexpected events. However, I hope all of you enjoy reading what I have in store to wrap up this year. Whether it be that a book review of mine that brought a smile to your face, or maybe an Aesthetic Thursday or a fanfic, I hope to continue writing and creating something that all of you enjoy as we finish 2020 this upcoming month, and head into 2021. 

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