Happy Anniversary: A Five-Year Reflection!

Happy Anniversary, everyone!

You might be wondering: Whose anniversary is it?

To answer:

Today is the 5 year-anniversary of this author website!

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t expecting to celebrate this five-year anniversary during a pandemic. Then again, it’s just another sign that there are certainly unexpected things that happen in life. For instance, I never expected to develop this site into an author site. It started off as a simple book review blog, and along the way, a lot has changed.  Some notable things that happened are:

  1. Getting my first 100 followers on this site in 2018.
  2. My Escape The Night “Fate Brings Us Together” fanfic series being officially featured on the TV Tropes Fanfic Recs page! (You can check out the series here!) 
  3. Winning Camp NaNoWriMo twice so far!
  4. Starting to post fanfics on Archive Of Our Own in addition to Fanfiction.net.
  5. Finally making a WIP page. I should’ve done this earlier, I admit it, but at least it’s here now!

“Thank You” to everyone following my writing journey so far.

Whether you and supported my fanfiction, checked out my book reviews and other book-related posts, or followed me on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, I appreciate every bit of support, and I sincerely hope to continue bringing all of you wonderful book reviews, fanfics, original fiction and poetry to read.

Here’s to another five years! Cheers! *cue clinking of glasses here*

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