An Upcoming April Update!

Hello, fellow readers and writers! I hope you are all well.

I know that things in the world are quite uncertain right now, given the current events. I hope that all of you are safe in your homes, with loved ones to be in contact with, and that all of you stay healthy.

Though these are uncertain times, I wish to bring you all joy with my writing, whether it be providing you with something nice to read to escape reality for a while, pleasing aesthetics, or reviews for other books you can read to escape reality for a while. This upcoming April, there will be some new additions to the Posting Schedule, which are as follows:

Tuesdays, weekly: Book Reviews!

Book reviews will continue to be posted every Tuesday, as usual, for your reading pleasure. Perhaps this can give you ideas for something you’d like to read in the near future, as well.

Wednesdays, weekly: More chapters of my Rune Factory/The Last Story fanfic, “The Next Chapters!”

More chapters of “The Next Chapters” (posted on both Archive Of Our Own and will continue to be posted every Wednesday until its completion!

Thursdays, bi-weekly starting April 2nd: Aesthetic Thursdays!

Remember that poll I posted about a while ago, where I asked whether you wanted me to start posting Aesthetic Thursdays on Tumblr? Well, the vote was 100% in favour of it happening, so I’ll be posting those on Tumblr starting this upcoming April!

New posts will come every two weeks, so make sure you’re following my Tumblr if you want to see some nice visuals (or follow Facebook and Twitter, because I’ll post links to the Aesthetic Thursday posts on there as well).

Fridays, weekly starting April 3rd: A new Escape The Night fanfic, with weekly chapters to follow its initial posting!

This will be posted exclusively on Archive Of Our Own, and it takes place post-“Wicked Game”in my “Fate Brings Us Together” series. Like “The Next Chapters,” new chapters of this fic will come weekly on Fridays until its completion!

All month: Camp NaNoWriMo!

I will also be participating Camp NaNoWriMo again this April! I previously won back in April 2018, and I hope to do so again this time! This time, my goal is to write 25,000 words of a second novel.

Expect to see some occasional writing updates about that on Tumblr, if you’re interested in following my Camp NaNoWriMo journey! You can also check out my Camp NaNoWriMo profile here! 


I hope that these updates and continued postings bring all of you something fun to read during April!

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