June 2024 Writing Update

Happy June, everyone!

This past May has been full of preparations for my upcoming book, “Bloody Fantasia.” And speaking of “Bloody Fantasia,” to remind all of you….

Cover of "Bloody Fantasia" by Claris Lam. The font is yellow with a purple background. The background image is sheet music layered on top of each other.

“Bloody Fantasia” will be released on June 24th, 2024!

Preorders will be available starting on June 10th, 2024.

You can also watch the book trailer now by clicking here!

I’m incredibly excited to share the final book in the Harlow Mystery series with all of you, concluding Aubri and her friends’ murder mystery-solving adventures! The entire series has been in the works since 2020, so I’m really proud of completing this whole series within the past few years. 

You may have also noticed, if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, that I released a playlist for the main heroine, Aubri Harlow. This is to celebrate “Bloody Fantasia” releasing soon! I will also release playlists for the other main characters each week, leading up to “Bloody Fantasia”‘s release later this month. I hope that you enjoy listening to them!

Links to all the playlists will be available in the Freebie Library, so only newsletter subscribers will be able to check them out. If you’re looking for some musical recommendations, I highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter!

Newsletter subscriptions are free. Also, I only send newsletters every 2nd and 4th Tuesday per month,. The exception to this is whenever I’m releasing a new book and/or some other big thing happens in my writing journey.

I also have another surprise, and it’s the following:

“Bloody Fantasia” Release Sale!

I’m happy to share that the first two books in the Harlow Mystery series, “Winner Takes All” and “Engagement To Die For,” are on sale for ALL of June at 50% off!

This is for the following reasons:

  • To celebrate “Bloody Fantasia” (Book 3) releasing this month!
  • To give new readers to the Harlow Mystery series easier access to the books
  • To celebrate Pride Month (the Harlow Mystery series contains a cast that’s mostly part of the LGBTQIA+ community, among its main characters)

Please note: This sale applies to all online retailers where it’s available EXCEPT For Amazon.

I understand that this may disappoint Kindle readers. However, Amazon’s pricing structure works differently compared to how I distribute my books through other retailers through Draft2Digital, and pricing it at 50% off ($1.99 USD) just didn’t work out for this specific platform. If you would like to still purchase the first two books at 50% off, I highly recommend checking out the other online retailers, especially Smashwords.

I hope that you take advantage of the sale and also support “Bloody Fantasia” when preorders are available! Spread the word to your fellow murder mystery readers, too! Thanks in advance for your support!

Book Reviews:

Last month, I shared the following book reviews:

Since “Bloody Fantasia” will be released this month, there will be no book reviews posted during June.

However, there will be a blog post answering some questions about “Bloody Fantasia” before its release day. Stay tuned for more info!

What Else Have I Been Writing?

I was very focused on preparing for “Bloody Fantasia”‘s release and its surrounding promotions (the sale on the first two Harlow Mystery books, the playlists in the Freebie Library, etc.).

I didn’t focus on any other specific project this past month. No intense drafting and/or editing a book until completion, or anything along those lines compared to the past few months this year.

However, I did:

  • Engage in more freewriting!
  • Attended a writing event (Waterloo Public Library’s Mindfulness For Writers)
  • Submit poems and short stories to be considered for lit mags and/or contests
  • Come up with another novel idea that I’m currently outlining and drafting! (More information about that will be given in the eventual future, possibly)

I’m not sure what I’ll accomplish this month outside of making sure “Bloody Fantasia”‘s release goes smoothly this month, so we’ll see what happens!

Thank you for following my writing journey!

I hope all of you enjoy reading more of my progress and upcoming work. I especially hope that you enjoy reading “Bloody Fantasia” when it releases later this month, too! 

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