A Mid-August Update!

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

It’s been another unusual but exciting year so far with current events, but I hope all of you reading are well. I wanted to share a quick update on where I am with my writing, one of my poems being recently published this past July, and further updates on my fanfics so far!

Another Poem Of Mine Was Published!

For those that missed the news during late July, one of my poems, “Summer Heat,” is featured in the now-published collection “Depths Of Summer!” I’m grateful to be featured in this collection along with many other writers and authors, and I encourage you to please go check out the collection!

My The Last Story Fanfic, “The Last Story: Breath Of The Wild,” Is Now Complete!

My The Last Story fanfic “The Last Story: Breath Of The Wild,”  recently concluded during this past Friday, August 13th. If you haven’t read this fic yet, now is a great time to catch up! You can click here to read it on Fanfiction.net and here to read it on Archive Of Our Own!

Thank you to everyone that read and supported this fic. It meant so much to me to write and complete this during the game’s tenth anniversary, and I hope my writing inspires you much like the game did for me.

My The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild/Yakitate!! Japan crossover series, “Trials Of The Wild,” will officially finish later this year!

It’s been a wonderful journey writing the Legend Of Zelda/Yakitate!! Japan “Trials Of The Wild” crossover fanfic series and exploring writing for the Legend Of Zelda and Yakitate!! Japan fandom in general as well as all the stories in this series. So far, I’ve posted almost thirty fanfics in the series. However, this series will officially end at its 38th fic in the series (tentatively titled “The Coronation”). This final fic will be posted likely during mid-November of this year, based on the continued scheduling of posting on Mondays. I hope you look forward to reading the rest of the fics in the series!


I hope to announce further news about upcoming fanfics and other projects later in the year. Thank you to everyone for reading and supporting my writing journey so far!

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