Once Again, Another Update!

Hello, fellow readers and writers! I hope you are all well.

As all of you know from the last time I made an update post, I updated the Posting Schedule. This included putting a fanfic on hiatus, the promise of posting some oneshots for June, and continued posting of Book Reviews and other fanfic chapters. This time, I’ll also be making some changes for July, which are as follows:

All month: Camp NaNoWriMo!

Like how I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo last April, I’ll try to post a Camp NaNoWriMo-related progress post weekly on Tumblr, so feel free to check out my progress there!

For this Camp NaNoWriMo, I will be writing the first draft of a murder mystery novel called “An Engagement To Die For,” and my goal is to reach 25,000 words by the end of July! Will I reach my goal? We’ll see! You can check out my progress here throughout the month!

Tuesdays: Book Reviews!

Book Reviews will continue to be posted on Tuesdays, as regularly scheduled!

Wednesdays: Another chapter of my Rune Factory/The Last Story fanfic, “The Next Chapters!”

Updates for “The Next Chapters” will continue! I will start Arc 2 of the Rune Factory 4 plotline within the fic very soon, and I look forward to writing it and sharing it for all of you to read!

Thursdays (bi-weekly): Aesthetic Thursdays!

Aesthetic Thursdays will continue for now on its usual bi-weekly basis.

Fridays (weekly for July starting July 10th or 17th, tentatively bi-weekly from August onwards): A Hustle Cat/Bravely Second crossover fanfic!

I’ve made the decision to extend the hiatus of my Escape The Night fanfic, “Moments In Time,” until at least August or maybe September. This is mainly because of my participation in Camp NaNoWriMo this July.

In the meantime, I will be posting a new Hustle Cat/Bravely Second crossover fanfic called “A Light Amid The Darkness!” This will be a multichapter fanfic, and it will be exclusively posted on Archive Of Our Own.

I hope to start posting “A Light Amid The Darkness” (ALATD for short) by no later than Friday, July 17th, and then continue posting new chapters every Friday for the rest of July. I hope I can start posting chapters as early as July 10th, but the 17th seems more reasonable, as of writing this post.

The tentative plan, starting in August, is to to keep posting new chapters of ALATD every other Friday instead of every Friday. This is because I hope to bring “Moments In Time” out of hiatus by the beginning of August, with it either being posted on the Fridays when ALATD is not posted, or on a completely different day entirely on a bi-weekly basis. I’ll give further updates on this later in July on Tumblr and on this site’s schedule, as needed.

Those are all the updates coming up for July! I also hope to bring in a few bonus Book Tag posts during July and August as well, so stay tuned for those!

I look forward to sharing new and continued stories, book reviews, and Camp NaNoWriMo news with all of you. Happy reading, everyone! 

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